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Harry Potter NUDE!

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I find this story oddly disturbing . . .
LONDON - Daniel Radcliffe will strip off his Harry Potter eyeglasses and robes for his London stage debut next year.

The 17-year-old actor, who plays the bespectacled schoolboy wizard in the Hollywood adaptations of J.K. Rowling's novels, will star as a troubled stableboy in Peter Shaffer's "Equus."
. . .
In one scene (Radcliffe) is required to simulate sexual ecstasy while riding a horse naked. But Davies said nudity was not the focus of the play.
UPDATE:  Upon further review, the entire concept of a male human attaining sexual ecstacy while on horseback is . . um . . well, use your imagination.


It's alive! ALIVE!!! (MST3K, almost)

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Captain's Quarters reports that Mike Nelson has a new project--Rifftrax!

From the Captain:
Mike has launched the beta version of Rifftrax, a clever way to have an MST3K experience on demand. Mike will create podcasts that match up with our favorite films (meaning our favorite cheesefests), designed to be played along with a DVD that the viewer rents or buys. The site will eventually have downloads of many films, but right now Rifftrax users can download Mike's commentary for Roadhouse, a Patrick Swayze laugher that somehow included Ben Gazzara and Sam Elliot. (It also has Kelly Lynch, which seems about right for this classic cheeseball.)
From the Rifftrax web site:
Do you feel that some of the movies coming out of Hollywood are just, well, missing something? At RiffTrax, you can download Mike's running commentaries and listen to them along with your favorite, and not so favorite DVDs. It's like watching a movie with your funniest friend. And it's easy to do. Just check out our FAQ; more than likely, you have the tools to do it already.
It won't be the same without Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, but it'll have to do until some network picks up Mystery Science Theater:  The Next Generation.

What TV Show Do You Want To Come Back?

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The Kansas City Star is asking. (I'd link to the story but I can't find it on their web site kansascity.com. Oh, well . . . )

Me, it would be Mystery Science Theater 3000, hands-down. No other show would even be close. Maybe Farscape as a distant second place to MST3K.

Send an e-mail to showtime-at-kcstar.com with your favorite (replace the -at- with @ of course)...and drop in a comment here, if you do! (Registration is of course required).

"South Park" takes on "Scientology"

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"Have you seen this, have you heard about this?"
On Wednesday's ninth-season debut, Hayes' character, Chef, pops up in an episode which creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are devoting to his mysterious return to "South Park." They are expected to poke fun at his religion, Scientology.

While details are scarce, Comedy Central officials say the duo are putting the finishing touches on the episode (Wednesday, 10 p.m.) -- which, like many others, is being written and animated in less than a week.

Wallace & Gromit Fans Want Statue

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Bristol, UK wants to put up a statue to the animated inventor and his ever-suffering canine sidekick:
Matthew Symonds, a local councilor in Bristol where Nick Park and Aardman Animations created the now-famous pair, said it was time to recognize the contribution that Wallace and Gromit have made to the city in southwest England.

"Everyone loves Wallace and Gromit and everyone I've spoken to on this matter agrees that we should thank Aardman in some way for what they have done for the city," said Symonds.

Dorothy's red slippers stolen

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The red slippers worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz have been stolen from a Grand Rapids museum:
Investigating officers observed that a window on an emergency exit door had been broken out and the glass display case that contained the ruby slippers was broken into and the slippers were removed. The incident is being further investigated by Grand Rapids Police Investigator Gene Bennet who said there have been five leads as of Tuesday.
There's no place like home.

The Lenexa Spinach Festival

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Funny thing #1: There is a Kansas city named Lenexa. Funny thing #2: Lenexa holds an annual spinach festival.
On Saturday over 100 arts, craft and antique booths will be set up. A fun filled days of activities is planned for the whole family. Popeye and Olive Oyl will arrive on a vintage 1930's Belgian farm truck to mix the world's largest spinach salad. Numerous activities for all including, petting zoo, pony rides, games, quilt show, antique tractor display, green rock skipping, largest sunflower, cane pole fishing, paddle boats and more. The finale for this day of community fun comes at 5:00 pm with a quilt drawing from the Lenexa Historical Society.

The Aristocrats: Obscene outrage, or comedic triumph?

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Or both? The Kansas City Star discusses:
It is by all accounts the world’s filthiest joke. Filthy not because of what’s in it, but because nothing is in it, and each teller is expected to dredge his darkest recesses to fill it up.

A man walks into a theatrical agent’s office and announces that he has the most amazing family act ever. He then goes on to describe an unyieldingly lurid performance involving himself, his wife, their young children and perhaps a grandparent and a family pet. No bodily function goes unmentioned, no sexual perversion is omitted.

When it’s over the agent is aghast: “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. What do you call this act?”

The man swells with pride: “The Aristocrats.”

Hey, it's got Penn and Teller in it. Snookums and I may have to go check it out for ourselves . . .