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OK, the user id experiment is over.

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I have now turned off the automatic user request feature on the board, because it seems that the vast majority of users of that feature were obvious spammers. I don't like spammers very much.

So, the only way to get an account here is to ask via e-mail. Ask nicely.

The procedure:

1: Ask for a user id that might possibly be a real name, or at least a real word.
2: Use an e-mail address that actually works.
3: Send an e-mail to me from that e-mail address proving you're someone who has something more than spam on their mind.

You may mail me with your request at medaryrequest (clever user name, isn't it?).

Then the little curly-cue at-sign. This one: @.

Then yahoo.com.

Put it all together into an e-mail address, and send something coherent to me if you want commenting privileges here. I don't check that account all that frequently though, so you'll have to be patient.

And remember, I'm still picky about who my friends are.