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Snookums in the news

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The redoubtable Snookums, the better half of the proprietor of this establishment, was interviewed recently on a Sioux Falls, SD television station about her volunteer efforts for the Summit League college basketball tournament.

The link is here: Summit League volunteer travels from Kansas City, MO to help out.

There's a flash video at the linked page there for all to see and enjoy!

At the Women's Final Four

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Better late than never, yes? Here's some pictures from the Women's Final Four in San Antonio:

The Alamodome, taken from the Chart House Restaurant
Which is on top of the . . .

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Women's NCAA Final Four

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National semifinal:
Nebraska over Texas A&M
Tennessee over Ohio State

National championship:
Tennessee over Nebraska

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Women's NCAA tournament, Dayton regional

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First round:
Connecticut over Southern
Temple over James Madison
Virginia over Wisconsin-Green Bay
Iowa State over Lehigh
St. John's over Princeton
Florida State over Louisiana Tech
Mississippi State over Middle Tennessee State
Ohio State over St. Francis

Second round:
Connecticut over Temple
Iowa State over Virginia
Florida State over St. John's
Ohio State over Mississippi State

Regional semifinal:
Connecticut over Iowa State
Ohio State over Florida State

Regional final:
Ohio State over Connecticut

Yep. UConn goes down in Dayton in front of a very hostile Ohio crowd.

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Men's NCAA Final Four

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National Semifinal:
Kansas over Kansas State
Duke over Kentucky

National Championship
Kansas over Duke

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Men's NCAA tournament, Midwest regional

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First round:
Kansas over Lehigh
Northern Iowa over UNLV
Michigan State over New Mexico State
Maryland over Houston
Tennessee over San Diego State
Georgetown over Ohio
Oklahoma State over Georgia Tech
Ohio State over UC Santa Barbara

Second Round:
Kansas over Northern Iowa
Michigan State over Maryland
Tennessee over Georgetown
Oklahoma State over Ohio State

Regonal semifinal:
Kansas over Michigan State
Oklahoma State over Tennessee

Regional final:
Kansas over Oklahoma State

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Men's NCAA tournamen, West Regional

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First Round:
Syracuse over Vermont
Gonzaga over Florida State
Butler over UTEP
Vanderbilt over Murray State
Xavier over Minnesota
Oakland over Pittsburgh
BYU over Florida
Kansas State over North Texas

Second Round:
Syracuse over Gonzaga
Butler over Vanderbilt
Xavier over Oakland
Kansas State over BYU

Regional Semifinal:
Syracuse over Butler
Kansas State over Xavier

Regional Final:
Kansas State over Syracuse

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Men's NCAA tournament, East regional

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First Round:
Kentucky over East Tennessee State
Wake Forest over Texas
Temple over Cornell
Wisconsin over Wofford
Marquette over Washington
New Mexico over Montana
Clemson over Missouri
West Virginia over Morgan State

Second round:
Kentucky over Wake Forest
Wisconsin over Temple
New Mexico over Marquette
West Virginia over Clemson

Regional Semifinal:
Kentucky over Wisconsin
New Mexico over West Virginia

Regional final:
Kentucky over New Mexico

Hoop-o-rama 2010: Men's NCAA tournament, South Regional

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Play-in game: Winthrop over Arkansas-Pine Bluff

First Round:
Duke over Winthrop
California over Louisville
Texas A&M over Utah State
Siena over Purdue
Notre Dame over Old Dominion
Baylor over Sam Houston State
St. Mary's over Richmond
Villanova over Robert Morris

Second Round:
Duke over California
Texas A&M over Siena
Baylor over Notre Dame
Villanova over St. Mary's

Regional Semifinals:
Duke over Texas A&M
Baylor over Villanova

South Regional Final:
Duke over Baylor