Bush = BTK?

Anyone who thinks that an analogy between President Bush[*1] and Wichita’s BTK Killer[*2] is in any way appropriate needs some serious therapy.


There was something about Bush that reminded me of another president, a man I’d seen on the news the previous evening. It was the former president of his church, the BTK terrorist, justifying *his* project. Of course, to my knowledge, Bush hasn’t *personally* bound, tortured and killed anybody. Rather, his destiny was determined by that which he was trained for in college. He is our Cheerleader-in-Chief.

Thought #1: This would be as good a reason as any to avoid “The Huffington Post” like the plague it appears to be.

Thought #2: If you read the above excerpt and found any, ANY area of agreement, seek professional help immediately. You have serious issues which you appear to be projecting onto others. Again, seek professional help IMMEDIATELY.