Runaway Bride

First, as a matter of full disclosure, my revulsion to Julia Roberts began after I was subjected to the movie Runaway Bride[*1] both going and coming on Northwest Airlines during a business trip some years ago. I thought at the time that (on top of it being just a bad movie), the Roberts character was a contemptible serial emotional abuser that no self-respecting man with a lick of common sense would tolerate for five seconds.

So you can imagine my reaction to the news that Jennifer Wilbanks’ week long deception[*2] of her fiance, her family, and the media. The only slack I will give her is that she only ran away once.

I’d even stop short of full condemnation if she hadn’t reported her little bus trip as a kidnapping. She’s quoted as “needing some time alone.” It is my fervent hope that the judicial system gives her exactly that.

Meanwhile, her fiance and family try to pick up the pieces, and the emotional pornographers in the media move on to the next juicy tear-jerker.