Is CNN not playing well with others on the Web?

Nick Lewis begins his article:[*1]

Last week, CNN attempted an unusual marketing campaign in the blogosphere. The campaign combined blackhat search engine optimization techniques, viral marketing tactics, and guerrilla comment spam. Unlike the majority of comment spam, this spam appears to only target blogs that have discussed CNN in the past 3 months. So far, 13 separate instances of the spam have been found. Most alarmingly, CNN may have also left malicious keywords at least 3 out of 13 with the intent of using google’s keyword stuffing detectors to censor them. As of now CNN has not returned my request for a confirmation or denial.

A good analysis, in my opinion. If true, CNN has been bad, and needs to go to the Naughty Spot for a few minutes. (Snookums and I have been watching Nanny 911 recently . . . )