Morning Whip, 3/31/05

Kansas City’s getting a shiny new arena[*1] . It may be getting an Arena Football League team[*2] to play there.

“Could ten of the largest College Republicans start walking up and down the aisles and start removing anyone shouting?”[*3] The Coulter Chronicles[*4] , Lawrence Edition.

Related: Bush Foes Get Shown The Door at Rallies.[*5] Perhaps, every once in a while, it might be useful to shut up for a while and listen to what your political opponents have to say rather than intolerantly try to shout them down at every opportunity. Hm?

Speaking of which, out of curiosity, I went to the AARP’s web site[*6] to see what they say about Social Security:
Some simple steps can be taken to begin making a down payment on that future Social Security shortfall. AARP supports:
* Investing part of the Social Security surplus so that it earns higher returns than those offered by U.S. Treasury bonds.
. . .
Market returns can be attractive, yet they come at a risk. Private accounts can lose money just as fast as they can make it.

So . . . it’s a good idea to invest part of the (mythical) Social Security “surplus” but it’s not a good idea to invest it?

Fark[*7] is Farked[*8] . Sarcastic geeky wiseasses worldwide hold vigils.