Morning Whip, 3/17/05

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Not quite “Bush Was Right” but close: Arabs Wonder at Shift Away From Autocracy[*1] .

Conference 32? Division I independents are talking[*2] – a conference stretching from Virginia and Georgia to Utah. The Fort Wayne newspaper has this take[*3] from the IPFW point of view.

OpinionJournal’s Best of the Web[*4] on the hoo-hah regarding Harvard’s President Larry Summer’s dreadful suggestion that women and men might perhaps be different in some ways. I might have let this one go, but for this paragraph:
The Harvard faculty majority are acting like a china service in a bullring. Their attitude, with its toxic mix of self-pity and thuggery, is common on campus and is often characteristic of an alienated political minority. You can imagine some hysterical Harvard prof shouting, “Larry Summers is not my neighbor! Now you sit down!”

“Toxic mix of self-pity and thuggery.” Very nice turn of phrase.