Tuesday summary

1,673 published, 1,386 drafts to go. I’ve discovered that I may have inadvertently de-italicized some quotes. The extent of that problem is at present unknown. But it well and truly sucks. Oh, well, add another migration headache to the pile.

Also, there appear to be an unknown but significant number of posts in the drafts count which are pretty much blank. I hope that they don’t indicate that the migration wasn’t really complete. That would well and truly suck too.

Anyway, today’s tally is 313 posts migrated and published. Seems like around 300 per day is a good target for an average day’s work. So, with 1,386 to go, I have around five days’ work remaining with the first-cut migration tedium.

And then, we move on, perhaps to start posting the backlog of travel journals that have built up the past few years.

A good day’s work

1,360 posts published, 1,701 still in draft. That’s 320 posts edited. I’m considering all of these migrated, published posts to have undergone only”first-cut” edits, as I’m aware that there are broken links, missed spaces between words and sentences, and other things that the cut-rate migration service did.

Advice for those of you migrating from one blogging platform to another: hold out for a service that does a database migration, not just a screen-scrape migration like I used. You’ll pay more, but you’ll be happier.

Monday Morning!

Well, I did absolutely nothing with the migration this past weekend. I was kind of dragging all weekend and this morning woke up to some minor chest congestion, which explains the weekend lethargy, I guess. But I’m back in the saddle again, with the bonus that I didn’t have to report for jury duty this week. It’s still hanging over my head for next week, but that’s next week. Let’s get to it!

Migration 6/5/2019

1,037 posts published, 2,021 still in draft. I deleted several which had to do with the old Geeklog blog that have absolutely zero relevance to this one on WordPress.

Today I finally figured out that the footnoted links in all of the migrated posts (indicated by a number within brackets aka [1] et al. were just repeats of links that were in the posts where they belonged. So I began deleting those links at the end of posts, which will result in those bracketed “footnotes” being extraneous. Deleting those footnotes however would be way more work than I want to do, so they’ll stay. I suppose I’ll edit the migrated posts whenever I feel like I need to–if I link to them from new posts, that sort of thing.

Anyway, that’s today’s status/progress report.

Migration Notes, 6/4/2019

On we go: 302 posts published, 2,758 in draft (i.e. not yet re-formatted). I’ll update later with the totals for the day as we continue.

UPDATE 1: I’ve already spotted a couple of problems with the el-cheapo migration service I used: first, they didn’t necessarily put all of the spaces between words where they were supposed to go. This will be annoying but I doubt I’ll be going back through all 3,000+ posts to clean that up. And, additionally, some of the quotes I did show up in an italics font that’s . . . rather big. I probably won’t go back and clean that up either.

Well, maybe I’ll go clean up some of the posts, like the Journeys. After I get done migrating the lot of them.

UPDATE 2: I’m up to 759 posts published, 2,301 in draft. A good day.

The Migration Continues!

You may notice that there’s actually activity here at Medary.com. I’m finally getting around to moving the old Geeklog articles over here to the shiny new-ish WordPress site. This requires some minor editing of the old posts so that they don’t look too weird here.

I’m trying to put the articles into WordPress by the same date that they were originally posted on the old Geeklog site, so you’ll eventually see a lot of months showing up over there in the “Monthly Archive” section. I probably should be categorizing the articles as I go, and putting tags on them too. But it’s going to take long enough just going through and doing the minor cleanup editing I’ll have to do. I suppose I’ll then go through them again and classify them by category and putting tags on them, once things are more or less migrated.

There’s just over 3,000 posts that need to be edited by hand, one by one, in order to get things back into good order, so this will take a while.

And then, there will be the backlog of Journeys posts that has built up since my enthusiasm for blogging waned a few years back.

UPDATE 3 Jun 2019 6:15 pm(ish):

I’ve done around 300 of the 3,000 posts so far, and that seems like enough for one day. Again, things will look a bit weird around here until everything gets where it’s supposed to be. A work in progress!

Eating fruit could damage your DNA?

Well, probably not, although everything else you can eat is bad for you, so why not “an apple a day?”

ScienceDaily[*1] :

In an advance toward understanding the contradictory health effects of bioflavonoids, scientists in Tennessee are reporting that these natural components of fruits and vegetables poison a key human enzyme critical for the normal function of DNA.
. . .
In their laboratory study, the researchers showed that bioflavonoids poison topoisomerase II in cultured human cells. This enzyme plays important roles in many critical DNA processes and removes knots and tangles from the genome. The enzyme acts by making a double-stranded cut in DNA, passing another segment of the double helix through the break, and reconnecting the broken strands.