Tuesday summary

1,673 published, 1,386 drafts to go. I’ve discovered that I may have inadvertently de-italicized some quotes. The extent of that problem is at present unknown. But it well and truly sucks. Oh, well, add another migration headache to the pile.

Also, there appear to be an unknown but significant number of posts in the drafts count which are pretty much blank. I hope that they don’t indicate that the migration wasn’t really complete. That would well and truly suck too.

Anyway, today’s tally is 313 posts migrated and published. Seems like around 300 per day is a good target for an average day’s work. So, with 1,386 to go, I have around five days’ work remaining with the first-cut migration tedium.

And then, we move on, perhaps to start posting the backlog of travel journals that have built up the past few years.