A Note For Shutdown Proponents

Especially governors, and other state officials who are dragging their feet on opening up their economies:

Where do you think your salaries come from?

Since some of you have succumbed to a particularly bad case of Precautionary Principle, I’ll tell you:

They come from businesses and people working.

You know, those businesses and people you’re either preventing from opening and working, or those that you’re putting some degree of artificial, onerous restrictions on, and thus restricting those businesses’ and those people’s ability to earn income.

Your salaries, your office, your employees, your 3- and 4- week annual leave benefits, your retirement pension–all of those come directly from the very people and businesses you’re preventing from earning as much money as they possibly can.

How do you imagine that will work out for you? You think your pals in D.C. will swoop in and bail you out?

Where do you think THEIR money comes from? Where do you think the sainted Dr. Fauci’s salary and position comes from?

Dr. Fauci, where do YOU think the funding for your salary and position comes from.

Open it up. Now.