O’Donnell for Senate in Delaware

How’s this for a theory:

Christine O’Donnell’s primary win in Delaware is a potential win-win for conservatives, the Tea Party, pretty much everybody in the pro-liberty, back-to-the-founding-principles movement.

If she wins the general election–and the Republicans take both the House and Senate as a result, the shockwaves throughout the entire political world will be approximately 10 on the Richter scale. As Don Surber[*1] noted: “The boss is on the premises. The boss is looking for people to lay off.” But the Republicans will have to follow through in a big way–they can’t play defense at all in the next Congress. They need to be aggressive–something like passing basically all of the Heritage Foundation’s policy proposals (or even better, all of Cato Institute’s policy proposals), or as much of those as they can manage to get through the House and the Senate, and make Obama veto everything in sight.

If she loses the Delaware Senate race, and the Republicans don’t control the Senate as a result, it doesn’t really change the above legislative strategy–IF the Republicans win the House and be legislatively aggressive, as noted above.

Either way, the Republicans can then run their Presidential and Congressional races in 2012 on “hey, we’re trying to fix things but the DEMOCRATS (or Obama, or both) SAID NO–Who’s the real ‘Party of No?'”

I’m not holding my breath that the establishment Republicans in Washington are actually smart enough to do this. I suspect the new-wave Tea Party Republicans are, but they’ve got two uphill climbs ahead of them–first, the Republican Party, then the Democrats in Congress and the President.

I’m pretty sure Christine O’Donnell is not my favorite candidate–I’d prefer somebody with a (much) less–er–colorful backstory. But if you’re a Democrat–let me just tell you: before you come complaining to me about O’Donnell, first go do something significant about Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd and the other corrupt Democrats already in Congress (like voting them out of office, or throwing them out of Congress)–pull the plank out of your own eye first, OK?

Woman Drags Naked Neighbor By Beard To Door

KMBC-TV[*1] story. No, it’s not Raytown, but Kansas City, Missouri.

(Raytown being a much-maligned suburb of KCMO, although any suburb in my home metropolitan area is pretty much by definition of higher status than the metro’s central city–as you might infer from this story. Actually, I rather like Raytown. Most parts, anyway.)

Michael Moore won’t like this . . .

Fidel Castro says Cuban model no longer works[*1]

Wherein Fidel states that Cuba’s economic model “doesn’t even work for us anymore.”

So why, then, are Michael Moore, George Soros, and the Democratic Party trying as hard as they can to move the United States toward the Cuban, communist way of doing things?


Two wrongs don’t make a right

In other words, the ends DON’T justify the means.

Burning the Koran (or the Qur’an, or however you prefer to spell it) is really a stupid thing to do. It’s stupid on a vast number of levels.

You can tell a lot about someone by their reaction to the New York mosque issue and the Florida Koran burning issue:

If a person opposes both acts as being pretty darn insensitive things to do, but thinks that both parties have the right–at least in this country–to go forward and do it anyway, then they’re probably a fair-minded person who generally supports freedom, understanding that freedom is a coin that has two sides–your freedom to do what you want to do within limits carries with it an obligation to tolerate a certain level of offensive behavior from others as a price for your own freedom.

If a person opposes the mosque, but do not oppose the burning of the Koran, then they’re quite likely a religious bigot, or someone on the right who sees an opportunity to score craven political points.

If a person does not oppose the mosque, but opposes the burning of the Koran, then they’re quite likely a religious bigot, or a leftist who sees an opportunity to score craven political points.

If a person thinks that both building the mosque at “Ground Zero” and burning the Koran are both just fine and dandy, then they are a very sick puppy indeed, and should probably seek psychological help for their antisocial disorder and nascent psychopathic tendencies.

The Democrat theft of the November elections begins?

In Houston, Texas.[*1]

No. I would not put it past Chicago machine politician Obama and his corrupt, tribalist Attorney General Holder.

Elections aren’t stolen on election day. They’re stolen much earlier–generally through the kind of fraudulent voter registration and fraudulent absentee/early voting that ACORN excelled at. But the 2010 elections may be for The Whole Shebang, so I expect the Democrats to pull out every nasty trick and ugly smear on Republicans that their nasty little minds can think up.

Obama is leading the charge with his ridiculous “Dog” comments this past weekend.

He will get even more shrill as November approaches.