Morning Whip, Jan. 27, 2010

A (mostly) daily review of what’s out there that caught my attention. (Yeah, it’s possible I might have ADD . . .)

I surf the Web, so you don’t have to!

Section One: The Word:
An occasional comment, rant, or snark, brought on by the flow of events:
Good Government Plan–the Medary/Filbert State of the Union Plan For The Future (it’s a bit choppy–sorry about that . . . it’s not a speech, after all, it’s more of a rant . . .):

Government has served us badly. The sector of American society which is most out of control is government–it has failed to govern well, it has failed to govern efficiently, it has failed to govern responsibly, it has failed to govern humanely, it has failed to govern–period. Government can not make us happy. The best government can do is to enforce the laws. We have forgotten these simple facts. We must re-remember them. We must recognize is that THE ONLY ENTITLEMENT we have from government is the entitlement of the fair, impartial execution of the rule of law. The government is not an instrument of “social justice” but an instrument of REAL justice. Justice must mean one thing to all people–justice must once again become blind to all of the differences which separate us–wealth, race, class, gender, or anything else. No person is entitled to the life, liberty, or property of another person–not in this country, the United States of America. The rich are not entitled to the property of the poor any more than the poor are entitled to the property of the rich. The sick are not entitled to the time of the healer, just as the healer is not entitled to an unearned income from his or her charges. For too long, government has been the instrument of the rich against the poor, or the poor against the rich; the elites against the masses, and occasionally the masses against the elites.

These are symptoms–symptoms of a government which has grown too powerful–“too big to fail” in the current vernacular. But a government which is too big to fail has already failed in its fundamental duty–the duty to fairly and impartially enforce the rule of law.

Time is short. We must not fail to deal with these problems now–and deal with them properly and rationally this time, not wildly and emotionally, as we have done in the past.

Here’s part of what we need to do:

Our only hope to avoid the economic ruin of national bankruptcy is to grow our economy fast enough to avoid the utter, complete, total disaster we are facing. Government programs can’t do that. The only thing we know of that CAN do that is the power, the ingenuity and the enterprise of the American people, unleashed from the shackles of government interference and intervention. We have seen, over and over and over again, that government does not produce anything except more government. Government is indeed the major reason why we now have the problems we have. Government is not the solution. Government has no solution to the problems we face. The people, acting as a free people in a free market, are the solution.

The area where government has failed the most tragically is by stupidly obligating us to pay for an ever-increasing number of “entitlements” which we simply can not afford. We must address the “entitlement” question–Social Security, Medicare–or we will fail and fall.

We can not afford to be the world’s policeman, and we can not afford to be the world’s emergency response squad. We must defend America and Americans–that is the purpose of our military and our national defense infrastructure. Everything we do in foreign affairs and in military affairs must be with this in mind–America and Americans First.

Immediate, across-the-board, 10% cut in all non-defense government spending. The ENTIRE proceeds of which is returned to the American taxpayers–Oh, wait. It gets better . . .

Complete, independent, third-party audits of every, single, solitary entity which exerts in any way power authorized by or delegated from the Federal Government, including and especially the Federal Reserve. Results of the audits are not only public, but posted online as soon as they are completed. Agencies that fail the audit are subject to elimination and consolidation with more responsible governmental organizations.

Enact a flat income tax–a single percentage tax on all personal income, from whatever source derived. The first . . . oh . . . say . . . $20,000 of income for singles, $40,000 for married couples, plus $10,000 for each minor child . . . is totally exempt from tax. Capital Gains taxes are abolished (capital gains now considered as regular personal income); corporate income taxes are abolished (we all know that they just get passed through to consumers anyway). Propose a Constitutional Amendment that a national personal income tax and a national sales or VAT tax may not be levied in the same year–to eliminate the inevitable temptation to do both–keeping the politician’s hands out of the cookie jar, so to speak.

Make Social Security/Medicare actuarially sound. The only way to achieve this, I’m afraid, is to shut it down and re-build it from scratch. We are on the hook for everyone who is alive at the time that this reform is enacted, I’m afraid. But the obscenity of using the Social Security Trust Fund as a Ponzi scheme to fund the Federal government through the back door must end. Close down the existing Social Security–don’t allow new people to enter that corrupt, broken system–and pay the damn thing off out of general revenues. Create a diversified and robust National Retirement System based primarily on private funds, but augmented to ensure a basic sustenance level for all Americans who have responsibly paid into the system. No pay, no play, however. Separate health care from National Retirement–they are two different things.

Open the national market for medical insurance. Make medical spending accounts easier to open and fund for normal, working-class citizens. Exempt MSA funding from income taxation up to some nominal amount ($10,000 a year?). Exempt MSA interest earned from income taxation if the money stays in the MSA. Allow the same income tax exemption for one person to fund another person’s MSA (promoting person-to-person charity.)

Begin bringing American troops home from Japan and from Europe, especially Germany. We won World War II sixty-five years ago. We don’t need to continue to occupy Japan and Germany, let alone Iraq. We also don’t need to base our troops in other European countries who don’t think they need to pay for their defense because that’s what Americans are for. Wrong. American military forces are to defend America and Americans, not to defend British, Spanish, Italians, or anybody else. We are not your mercenaries. We are, if you are still willing, your allies–which means that you have responsibilities to uphold, too–responsibilities you have been shirking for far too long.

Abolish by Executive Order all violations of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments currently in law or regulation of the Federal Government. The President, and each and every member of Congress, is sworn to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution. It isn’t just the Judicial Branch which is tasked with protecting the Constitution–it’s all three branches of the Federal Government. It’s far past time for Congress and the President to start taking that oath seriously, to serve the American People.

Enact a rational energy policy: Exploit the national reserves of gas and oil to the maximum extent, and accelerate research into alternative energies–especially fusion. Eliminate unnecessary red tape hindering construction of power plants, especially nuclear power plants. End the disastrous, Quixotic tilt at “climate change,” redirecting research funds to research into adaptation strategies.

Vigorously, aggressively investigate and prosecute all instances of voter intimidation and vote fraud.

Simplify, Streamline, and Strengthen U.S. Immigration procedures and Border protection. Make it easier for good people to come to the U.S. and harder for bad people to get into the U.S.

Immediately sell off GM, Chrysler, and any other private company wholly or partially owned by the U.S. Government. If they fail, they fail. The government’s job is to enforce the laws, not to ensure that specific companies continue to wheeze along.

Oh, there’s much, much more, (abolish the Department of Education, terminate Federal funding for the NEA/NEH/PBS/NPR, eliminate the ICC, rein in and downsize the FCC, etc., etc.) but that’s just fifteen minutes, off the top of my head . . .

More, including the nearly daily link extravaganza, after the “Read More” . . . Section Two: Things That Amuse Me:
2.1: Simians:
Rare rhinos de-horned to frustrate poachers [*1] — Not simians, but happy about a story of rhinos that isn’t about American politics. Sad and a bit angry that people felt the need to saw the rhinos’ horns off to keep them safe from poachers. What is wrong with some people!
Is That 44 Geckos in Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me? [*2] — Geckos. Not simians. Not insurance salesmen, either, although from the title, you may wonder about that . . .
Why Humans Outlive Apes [*3]

2.2: Travel:
No travel today. As such, anyway.

2.3: Sports:
Jacks second half starts on the road [*4]
Watch the men’s basketball game at ORU live on FCS [*5]
Royals 2010 schedule [*6]
No defense for UMKC in loss to NDSU [*7]
Tennessee counters scoring woes with defense [*8]

2.4: Science Fiction and Writing:
Avatar and Individual Rights [*9] — Hmm. Has much of the right utterly missed the point of Avatar?

2.5: Miscellany:
No miscellany. Odd, innit?

2.6: Science, technology, and space:
Low-carb diet best for lowering blood pressure [*10]
A New Theory Of Electrodynamics [*11] — Stunning breakthrough in physics, or utter bull-doodoo? Hell, I don’t know . . . they use lots of big words, though . . .
Apple tablet can’t save print on its own: analysts [*12] — “print” in this context meaning books, newspapers, magazines, all that traditionally dead-tree stuff with words printed on them–that kind of thing . . .
Facebook may “lock in” its Internet dominance [*13] — I’m not sure “Internet dominance” is EVER “locked in” . . .

Section Three: The News, featuring Liberty And Its Enemies:
3.1: Strategy and tactics for defending human freedom and liberty:
The truth behind the tea parties [*14] — “With her retirement plans shattered by the economic collapse of 2008, Reimer became a local leader in the cause because she felt helpless watching Washington make a bad situation even worse. “It’s not that President Obama caused all of this,” she tells me. “It’s just that things are getting worse, and they don’t listen to anyone. Talking to my senators — to Casey and Specter — is like talking to this wall.”” — If politicians of both parties don’t listen and react appropriately to the anger, they–in both parties–will feel it very personally and intimately this November.
The Blue Assumptions [*15] — Four erroneous assumptions often made by “liberals” . . .
one ring to rule them all [*16] — LOTR is nothing if it is not a parable about the dangerous corrupting influence of power–ANY power–on us normal “little people” . . .
Ninth Configurations: Rights “retained by the people” make a comeback [*17] — Once again, if you have to depend on someone else to give it to you, it can’t be a “right.” Thus, you have the right to life, because you don’t need anybody else to give it to you. You do not, however, have the right to demand that somebody else give you “health care.” This is a blatant violation of that other person’s rights to their own life. Now, you can negotiate to purchase health care services, just like you can negotiate to purchase any other good or service. But goods and services are not, CAN NOT be “rights” without completely eviscerating the very concept of “right.”
GOP “Purity Test”[*18]
Laffer on Bernanke[*19] — So, we’ll put Laffer down as ‘Not A Fan of Bernanke’ . . .
Doctors Frank and Stein [*20]
Fighting IP Absurdity: The South Butt Strikes Back [*21]
Was Glenn Beck’s History Correct? [*22]
Advice to Barack Obama by Two People Who Didn’t Vote for Him (or John McCain)–But just might if he ever got serious about governing. [*23] — “This year, the SOTU can, should, and won’t be remarkably brief, sparing us the Castro-length perorations of the Clinton years and the rhetorical mediocrity of the Bush era.” They might be on to something here. For every minute under 30 Obama shaves off the speech, I bet he gains at least one percentage point of popularity–from the vast majority who just want him to just Shut The Hell Up and Go Away For A While–And Take Nancy Pelosi And Harry Reid With You, Pretty-Please.
TRAILER: Tea Party: The Documentary Film[*24]
Thank You All For Your Support [*25] — The Hillbuzz guys from Boystown fight the good fight–a fight they didn’t deserve–against the usual forces of darkness on the Left . . . If you have voted for Democrats recently, this is what you have brought politics to–with your perhaps unthinking devotion to what the Democratic Party used to be while being oblivious to what it has become in the Age of Obama. . . This is NOT the Democratic Party of Harry Truman or of John F. Kennedy–far, far, far from it . . .
Poll Shows Scott Brown Would Top Obama In Presidential Run [*26]
3 in 10 Californians identify with the Tea Party; a third still don’t believe Obama’s birth certificate [*27]
Dems’ new midterm strategy: Make the election about … Birtherism [*28] — I have this mental image of one of those cartoon exploding cigars, and the Democrats smugly lighting it up, saying “This time we’re sure to win!” BANG!!!
Reinforcements are arriving [*29] — Sometimes, the best way to defeat the truly evil among us is to simply stand up to them . . .
Too tired, but never tired enough! [*30]

3.2: The reality of Obama and the Democrat leadership as blithering idiots:
Magical Thinking [*31]
Breaking: Senate says no to bipartisan deficit commission [*32]
Rasmussen Generic Congressional: 46% to 37%, Republican Advantage [*33] — When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging . . . will the Democrats obey the First Rule of Holes?
All Out Attack By The Left On The Filibuster [*34] — Considering that Democrats may find themselves in the minority soon, and possibly for a very, very, very long time, they may want to re-think this . . .
Obama the next Herbert Hoover? [*35] — Actually, he appears to combine the worst tendencies of Hoover AND FDR . . .
Jon Stewart: You didn’t really use a teleprompter inside a classroom, did you, champ? [*36]
Democratic Senate Campaign Committee Officially Out Of Ideas, Suggests Turning Campaigns Into Blog Comment Fights [*37] — No, no, no, Senators . . . leave the cheap snark to US. thank you very much. We’re better at it than you could ever hope to be, anyway . . . and you will always, ALWAYS be better snark-targets than we, the People. This is a battle you will not win. Trust me here.
Obama: Hey, maybe this ObamaCare process should have been more transparent [*38] — On the other hand, it does eventually get to the point where you just sigh and shake your head sadly . . .
Obama Dithered as Economic War Raged [*39]
Obama’s Latest Concession to the Gipper’s Ideology [*40] — This is called Losing The Argument Before You Even Start . . . Save us all much trouble and grief, Barry . . . just give up now and walk away . . . you will be remembered better by history if you do . . .
Obama Refers to Himself 132 Times In One Speech (Video) [*41]
None dare call it Stimulus II [*42] — “It’s Return of the Crap Sandwich.”
Is Obama “undervalued”? [*43] — I tend to be a contrarian, but no, I don’t think Obama has quite hit bottom yet . . . he’s got some long ways to fall still . . .
Report: ‘Thin-Skinned’ Obama Says ‘Press Is Against Me’… [*44] — Obama obviously wouldn’t have lasted five minutes against the vitriol thrown at George W. Bush . . .
President Obama Flunks Campaign Finance 101 [*45]
Guaranteed to piss tons of people off today: we now want every last Democrat in elected office to lose in 2010 [*46] — I’d say taking a couple of young gay activist Chicago Democrats and turning them completely, utterly, totally against everything the Democratic Party stands for now qualifies the leadership of that same Democratic Party as “blithering idiots,” wouldn’t you?
Dem Rep Admits: “We’re Told to Call It a Jobs Bill Not a Stimulus Bill” [*47] — Another reason the now dominant species of Democrat deserves derision–their really, really stupid word games . . .
Only 30% of Voters Would Re-elect Obama [*48] — . . . and guess what? Derision is what they’re getting . . .
Cover Your Ears: Protecting democracy by protecting voters from clashing opinions [*49] — And when the Democratic National Socialists aren’t raping the English Language to score cheap political points, they’re trying to muzzle anyone who might speak against them. Nice people, our friends, the collectivists . . .

3.3: The reality of the Republican leadership as blithering idiots–SPECIAL Can James O’Keefe Be That Stupid Edition:
Ruh-Roh [*50] — Could O’Keefe really be that stupid? Sure, he could, but then we have the New Orleans/Louisiana corruption factor, the echo of Watergate, the participation of the son of a DA (?!?!?) — the WTF factor on this is totally off the charts. There’s a really, really interesting story, here. I hope we hear ALL of it . . .
Ugh: ACORN-buster busted at Sen. Landrieu’s office in alleged bugging plot; affidavit link added; Update: “Veritas”? [*51]
James O’Keefe arrested for trying to tap Mary Landrieu’s phones [*52] — Yeah, they’re not exactly the Republican Leadership, or even the Watergate Plumbers, but you’d think that Republicans of all people would have more sense than to even look like they were trying to bug an opponent politican’s offices . . . don’t they teach history any more–even recent history?
The Chuck Colson of His Generation? UPDATE: Big Government Editor Mike Flynn Talks to Reason [*53]
James O’Keefe Arrested in New Orleans [*54]
Bayou Watergate [*55] — “I guess every generation or so someone has to learn that trying to tap telephones for political gain rarely ends well.”
MSM Leaping to Conclusions — While Big Government Waits for Facts [*56] — It’s true, there are large elements of high strangeness to this story . . .

3.4: Opposition Research: The enemies of human freedom and liberty:
2010 Democrat Stategy: Divide and Conquer [*57] — That’s pretty much always the strategy, isn’t it? “Those evil (fill in the blank) need to be stopped, and only we virtuous Democrats can stop them!” Now, to be honest, the Republicans use that too, far too often, rather than simply promoting human freedom and liberty . . .
Revealed: Ellie Light is a Nurse Named Barbara Brooks [*58]
A good walk spoiled [*59] — No, no, we mean those OTHER evil special interests, not the ones backing our cynical powerplay! The ones opposed to our cynical powerplay!
Director Adam McKay: SCOTUS Ruling in Favor of Free Speech is ‘Treason’ [*60] — “I do not think the word means what you think it means . . .”
“Ellie Light” story turns a little bit freaky and a whole lot deaky [*61]
Left in full freakout mode over Obama’s spending freeze [*62]
Good news: “Ellie Light” comes clean, admits she’s a guy [*63] — By the way, collectivist/”progressives” lie. Where have you heard that before?
Moody Blues: Barack Obama, the Angry Left and the politics of intellectual contempt. [*64]
Guessing What President Obama Might Say in His State of the Union [*65] — I think we should all invite Obama to come to the center of American Politics, where he claimed to be running all along–from the far, far, far, far, far left where he has been governing. If he does this, he just might save his Presidency. If he doesn’t, he won’t. Simple as that.
DSCC Proposes Taking Coakley Strategy nationwide [*66] — Meanwhile, The Band Plays On . . .
Sarah Palin Clobbbers Radical Women’s Group Over Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad [*67] — i’ve never understood the attitude where to be opposed to abortion is Simply Not Allowed–not just something you disagree with, but something that Must Not Be Discussed . . .

3.5: Media bias–and incompetence:
A Word About Campaign Finance Laws [*68]
PPP poll: Fox really is the most trusted name in TV news [*69] — A brief ray of unbiased sunshine in the otherwise dismal fever swamp which is the Old Media . . . and PPP are Democratic pollsters, by the way . . .
Number of Subscribers for Newsday’s Online-Only Content? Take a Guess (Guess Low) [*70]
Looks like CNN will have to change its motto [*71] — CNN, the SECOND Most Trusted Name In News (only because MSNBC is really, truly, THAT pathetic) . . .

3.6: Fear The ‘Cuda–A spotlight on Citizen Palin, who really needs to find a better phrase than “Common-sense conservatism” to describe her philosophy:
Conservatives 4 Palin [*72] –Semi-permanent link for Palinmania . . .

3.7: “Global warming” aka “Climate change” — or should that be “Climate Reform?”:
Catastrophe Denied: The Science of the Skeptic’s Position[*73]
More bogus AGW information in IPCC report? [*74]

3.8: Health care “reform” aka health insurance “reform” — or should that be health care “change?” Perhaps “Global healthing?:
GOP threatens Dems: If you try reconciliation, we’ll go nuclear with amendments; Breaking from NYT: Dems “slam the brakes” on ObamaCare [*75] — I think, this time, it might be really dead, but Jeez, this damn thing has more lives than the villain of a particularly bad horror movie . . .
Has It Finally Gone Where the Goblins Go? [*76] — I expect at least one more last-second resurrection–the bill, clutching its menacing surgical scalpel, emerges from the fresh burial soil, seeking to once again plunge its filthy blade into the pure flesh of the American Public–and I don’t even watch that kind of horror movie (I tend to laugh at inappropriate times, don’t cha know) . . .
Health Care: It’s Not Just Resting, It’s Dead [*77] — I still dunno . . . Never Trust A Politician, especially when He’s Talking About Your Money (I originally typed “Democrat” but no, it’s much more widespread than that) . . .

3.9: The Economy:
CBO Gently Reminds America of Coming Budgepocalypse [*78] — Oh, by the way, WE ARE SO SCREWED, and we did it to ourselves . . .

3.10: Foreign affairs and National Security:
Why They Hate Us: Middle Eastern Politics and the Principle of the Strong Horse [*79]
Question: How can Port-au-Prince be rebuilt? [*80] — It would almost be funny if it didn’t quite bitterly highlight the rank hypocrisy of the Green Left: “We’d like to issue a challenge to Liberals, one they failed to live up to in New Orleans: rebuild Port-au-Prince as the Green Utopia you insist is possible.” So, instead of installing the true rule of law and promoting human freedom and liberty, the Leftists will merrily go into Haiti and build frickin’ windmills. And nothing will change–Haiti will still be a festering shithole. Because it’s not about the energy-efficient buildings. It’s The Liberty, Stupid.

Thought for the day

From The Road To Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek, 1944, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, 1994, The University of Chicago Press.

Our freedom of choice in a competitive society rests on the fact that, if one person refuses to satisfy our wishes, we can turn to another. But if we face a monopolist we are at his mercy. And an authority directing the whole economic system would be the most powerful monopolist conceivable.

Excerpted under Fair Use for purposes of non-commercial education, discussion and comment. Any transcription or typographical errors are mine.

Morning Whip, Jan. 26, 2010

A (mostly) daily review of what’s out there that caught my attention. (Yeah, it’s possible I might have ADD . . .)

I surf the Web, so you don’t have to!

Section One: The Word:
An occasional comment, rant, or snark, brought on by the flow of events:
Now, per Warren at Coyote Blog: OMG, Best Thing I Have Seen For A While [*1] wherein you get schooled, hip-hop-style, in Keynsian vs. Hayekian economics (hint: Hayek is right, Keynes is wrong, much to the chagrin of government planners everywhere) . . .

Section Two: Things That Amuse Me:
2.1: Simians:
Woman Wants To Bring Baby Chimp To Court [*2] — With another hat tip to Special Simian Correspondent Bill (And uh, no, I’m not calling him a simian, although, you know, if you’re an evolutionist . . .)

2.2: Travel:
Top Ten Cruise Travel Tips: A Cruise Diva’s Must-Haves [*3]
The Liberty Ship: Cruising Hard To Starbord [*4] — Heh. Sadly, we’ve got another trip already planned . . .
NZ airline offers economy-class bed seats [*5]
Exploring Air New Zealand’s New Long Haul Cabin with Beds in Coach [*6] — Wherein Cranky Flier whups the previous AP reporting within an inch of its journalistic life . . . what I’m trying to say is that this blogger guy blows AP completely out of the water, reporting-wise . . .

More after the “Read More” . . . 2.3: Sports:
The Sixth Stage [*7] — When the world looks darkest around you, take heart, it could be worse. You could be a Kansas City Royals fan . .
No. 3 Kansas rolls past Iowa State 84-61 [*8]
Thompkins, Georgia drop No. 8 Tennessee 78-63 [*9]
Sunnarborg, Boever lead Jacks past Oakland [*10]
IUPUI edges UMKC [*11]
Oakland escapes Frost with 85-82 win [*12]
Panthers down Jacks 35-6[*13] — Is it just me, or does Jackrabbit wrestling–um–suck?
SDSU tops Oakland: Jackrabbit women win rematch of Summit title game [*14]
SDSU men fall short to Oakland [*15]
No. 3 Vols rebound with 55-43 win at No. 18 LSU [*16]
Two more verbals [*17]
Weekend leftovers [*18]
As the Big Ten Conference considers expansion, Missouri mulls its options [*19]
Jackrabbits blister IPFW, 83-62 [*20]
No. 2 Kansas too big for MU to handle[*21]
Ankiel picks Royals for chance to play center field [*22]
Unbeaten Kentucky slides into No. 1 spot [*23]
Dykhouse Center nearly set to open [*24]

2.4: Science Fiction and Writing:
“Simple Premise” Sci-Fi From Some Masters of Science Fiction [*25]
6 Classic Sci-Fi Books You Should Read [*26]
6 Sci-Fi Books for People Who Miss Robert Heinlein [*27] — I hoped for a bit more variety on the list than three John Scalzi books and three John Varley books, however . . .
From the Mind of Evil [*28]
Writing Your Book, part III: The Opening Pages [*29]
Caprica slow out of the gate [*30] — I gave it ten minutes . . . ten long, slow, agonizing, meaningless minutes . . . then I went and found something interesting instead . . .
Aldrich powers Jayhawks to 84-65 win over Missouri [*31] — Missouri obviously matches up very, very poorly with Kansas . . .
Confessions of a Book Pirate [*32]
We DO Publish Debut Authors [*33]
My own private universe [*34]

2.5: Miscellany:
Why Mr. Right is getting harder to find [*35]
The Hurt Locker, a few ponderings. [*36]
Top ten passions of Ancient Rome [*37] — Booze, buffery, buildings, babes (“cougars,” even!), boy-toys, boppin’ to the beat, brawls, booty, brunch, and bacchanalian regrets . . . or something like that . . .
I Thought I Was The Only Curmudgeon Who Obsessed Over This [*38]

2.6: Science, technology, and space:
The Community is the Search Engine [*39]
A Word About the Blog-O-Bucks [*40] — “There’s a reason that most bloggers have day jobs to pay the bills. You might have noticed that Professor Glenn Reynolds[*41] hasn’t told the University of Tennessee Law School to “take this job and shove it.” That’s what we call a clue, Sherlock.”
Russia loses science powerhouse standing [*42] — The shift from communist tyranny to simple thugocracy has its downsides, it seems . . .

Section Three: The News, featuring Liberty And Its Enemies:
3.1: Strategy and tactics for defending human freedom and liberty:
Calling all “libertarianesque geeks”! [*43]
Victory Against Despair [*44]
Yeager and Other Letters Re Liberty article “Libertarianism and Intellectual Property” [*45]
State-Created Entities [*46] — Did you know that corporations are composed of . . . people? Shocking, yes, I know . . .
Doug Hoffman Needs Your Help [*47]
Libertarian Patent Lawyer Defends Patent Law [*48]
Dear Conservative Movement: Stop Ruining My Life, by Michael Brendan Dougherty [*49]
WARNING: Romney is radioactive [*50]
Free Speech [*51]
Time to Take On the Unions [*52]
Victory in First Principles [*53]
Massachusetts! Now What? [*54]
The secret to Ford Motor’s success [*55]
The Big Tent [*56] — “Fiscal conservatism.” That’s FISCAL conservatism, by the way . . .
Justice and Property Rights: The Failure of Utilitarianism [*57]
The Panic of 1819[*58]
The Guy Was Guilty; the Cops Were Lying [*59]
A Back to the Future Jeffersonian Liberalism: How the Democrats can thrive in the Information Age [*60] — “Democrats need to free themselves from the AFL-CIO, K Street, DuPont Circle, share-the-wealth wing of the party and run to the center on money matters, while passionately playing to their base on social issues and vigorously pursuing a non-interventionist foreign policy. That is precisely the opposite of what happened in the first year of the Obama administration.”
Explaining the Tea Party Movement and the Bewilderment of the Political Class [*61]
The Misesian Vision –“What they knew is the great secret of the ages: society contains within itself the capacity for self-management, and there is nothing that government can do to improve on the results of the voluntary association, exchange, creativity, and choices of every member of the human family.”
The emerging free market consensus [*62]
Down Goes McCain-Feingold: My Date With Hillary and History [*63]
CNN poll: 70% glad that Dems no longer have 60 votes [*64]
Turmoil [*65]
Lech Walesa Endorses Republican for Illinois Governor [*66] — If the Workers of the World want to Truly Unite, they need to throw out the thugs, brigands, looters, gangsters, mobsters, “progressives,” collectivists, “liberals,” leftists, and machine-politics-cronies who infest most of the Democratic Party, especially in states like Illinois . . .
The plot thickens in Indiana [*67]
Mr. President: Please Try, “I’m Listening, People,” Instead of “Listen Up, People!” [*68]
Filibuster Under Fire [*69] — The filibuster is the last defense of the minority against the Tyranny of the Majority, and is part of what makes the United States different (and better) than any other nation ever conceived on the face of the Earth . . .
The emerging free market consensus [*62]
The Nature of Socialism [*70] — People think capitalism is economic chaos. They’re wrong. Economies work the way that the climate works–if you leave it alone. On the contrary–Collectivism is the true economic chaos, as only the mind of man can create.
Hazlitt’s Logic, For Those Who Care About Freedom [*71]
Anarchy and Haiti [*72]
Unions as a Higher Form of Capitalism [*73]
2010 Republican Election Message: Clear, Practical and Limited [*74]

3.2: The reality of Obama and the Democrat leadership as blithering idiots:
Line of the Week [*75] — “You would think lefties could discern a proletarian vanguard when they see one.” [*76] -Charles Krauthammer.
You Decide: Dems’ Level of Grief [*77] — Stuck on “Anger,” I think . .
Halleluiah! Obama Endorses Task Force to Look at Cutting Deficit After Tripling It His First Year [*78] — Gosh, it’s almost as if spending like drunken Congressmen might not be the best idea after all . . . who knew?
Did the Obama administration cause the failure of a New Mexico bank? [*79]
Five Easy Questions for Obama [*80] — well, they should be easy questions . . .
The Astroturf Presidency [*81] — If they don’t lie, they can’t win . . . that’s why they lie . . .
Obama to address voter fears in State of Union [*82] — It will be entertaining, in that horrified watching-a-train-wreck kind of way, to watch Obama continue to pretend so vigorously that he knows anything about anything he talks about–when he manifestly doesn’t . . . actions really do speak louder than words . . . br>Pelosi Claims House Dems Are Focused on Jobs But Unemployment Has Doubled Under Her Watch [*83]
Democrats rethinking “blame Bush” strategy after Massachusetts flop [*84] — I’ll believe this after I see it for a while . . .
Democrats look to new budget rules to tame deficit [*85] — Here’s a budget rule, you MORONS! STOP SPENDING MORE MONEY THAN YOU TAKE IN!
Obama most polarized first-year presidency [*86]
Obama: I’d rather be a really awesome one-term president than a mediocre two-termer [*87] — Well, Barry, considering you’re heading for Carteresque Disastrously Bad One-Termer, I’d say you’ve got a lot of room for improvement . . .
Hatchet vs scalpel [*88] –“Freezing expenses won’t pump the water out of the bilge.”
Has the President Read His Job Description? [*89] — Oddly, “Archly accepting the glowing devotion and worship of the lesser peoples” is not in the Constitution, either . . .
Obama And The “Hard Pivot” [*90] — Or, as they said on the Laura Ingraham radio show: the Hard Pirouette . . .
Indonesians Want Barry Obama Statue Removed From Park [*91] — Not The Messiah they were looking for . . .
Tuning out the State of the Union [*92]

3.3: The reality of the Republican leadership as blithering idiots:
Sleep deprived Northeastern federalist? Or “Communist in Republican Clothing”? [*93] — Trust . . . but verify . . .
Republicans And Democrats Still Don’t Get It [*94]
GOP upside in House 58 seats? [*95] — Wanna bet the Stupid Party figures out a way to screw this up? They need 40 to re-take the House . . . if they emphasize economic freedom, and downplay the social issues, they’re likely to win in November. Are they smart enough to figure that out?
McCain Should Retire [*96] — I tend to agree . . .
The Republicans’ ‘Hip Gap’ [*97] — This is actually in the wrong section, as a Rep. Rep. attempts to bring teh funny . . . (yes, you newbies, “teh” is intentionally misspelled!)

3.4: Opposition Research: The enemies of human freedom and liberty:
Class vs Crass: A History of First Ladies [*98] — Wherein the Hillbuzz boys posit that perhaps Michelle Obama really is Not A Nice Person . .
Help TigerHawk: Who have been the enemies of business in history, and what have been their arguments or tactics? [*99]
Going Light? [*100]
Understanding Liberal Rage Over Citizens United [*101] — It’s simple, really . . . “”SHUT UP,” they explained.”
AP On Obama’s State of the Union Address: Of Course He Gets It, He’s Totally With You And Stuff [*102] — Obama, wunderkind, Annointed One, child of privilege and racial advantage, prepares to Feel Your Pain . . . anybody buying it?
Obama 2010: Pitchforks and arugula [*103] — Ask not for whom the pitchfork tolls, Childe Obama, it tolls for thee . . .
Hating & Blacklisting Supporters of Traditional Marriage [*104] — For me, the ultimate question is: Do we have an interest in promoting stable, monogamous relationships for the purpose of creating and raising the next generation of people? The issue isn’t “partner benefits,” it’s creating a solid and nurturing environment to raise and rear children. “Partner benefits” are the strategy for doing this, not the goal. Almost everybody has forgotten this . . .
Magic [*105] — “The really worrisome thing is if the President can’t change as opposed to won’t change. If politics is all he knows and all he is good at then 2010 will be a rough year indeed, not just for Obama, but for everybody. . . What if he simply doesn’t know how to manage things? Can’t win a war, can’t reform intelligence, can’t contain entitlements, can’t fix the economy, can’t do anything practical?” — Wouldn’t it have been nice if Big Media had bothered to ask some of those questions during the campaign, rather than drooling slavishly over The Lightworker?
Tiger, the Buddha, and Me[*106] — “The Buddha wasn’t an ACORN, get-in-your-face type of a guy. He admonished people to face their demons. The Buddha declared, “You cannot save another; you can save only yourself.” . . . The Left finds endless excuses for bad behavior: “He was a poor minority.” “She was a victim of homophobia.” But in the end, no one is let off the hook. Every one of us, weak or powerful, rich or poor, will be held accountable for our actions.”
The Currency of Social Justice [*107]
When Tolerance Trumps Principle [*108]
For 2010 Election Strategy Dems Decide To Blame Bush For Their Failed Economic Policies [*109]
Absolutely Hilarious: “Ellie Light” Blames Palin Fans for Astroturfing [*110]
Leviathan stirs again: The return of big government means that policymakers must grapple again with some basic questions. They are now even harder to answer [*111]
Self-Righteousness, Guilt and Liberalism [*112]
Found: Ellie Light’s Facebook Page (Updated) [*113] — See, it’s like this: Having and expressing an opinion-OK; Pretending that you’re a majority when you are quite clearly not one=not OK. That’s what “astroturfing” is all about: make-believe majorities.
History Is A B*tch [*114]
Buyer’s Remorse [*115] — If you don’t take your right to vote seriously, you wind up with Obama and his band of merry collectivist/”progressives” . . .
Stop! — The size and power of the state is growing, and discontent is on the rise [*116] — Wherein the Europeans begin to suspect that collectivist “social democracy” maybe isn’t all that and a bag of chips . . .
The Lady and the Arlen [*117] — NOT good losers. But then, not particularly good winners, either . . .
Obvious Opacity [*118]
Attack of the Food Police [*119]
The Recent Evidence of Astroturfing, Summarized; UPDATED: Ellie Light Located?[*120]
Obama to California ‘Water, Its Not a Right its a Privilege’[*121] — “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable” . . .
Ellie Light speaks … and speaks … and speaks ….[*122]
Call For An Audit of Obama’s Campaign Finances [*123] — And, after all, why not? What could they possibly have to hide?
David Plouffe: Spam czar; Gibbs downplays Plouffe role [*124]
Tinkering at the edges [*125] — “Socialism is possessed by the idea that however many times it has failed in the past, one day it will succeed under the guidance of a more forceful, charismatic leader.” It’s not the philosophy, they keep saying, it’s that the people who try it aren’t worthy or up to the task. They never contemplate the thought that maybe socialism requires a fundamentally different kind of human being than the one that actually walks on the Earth, and that is why it always, always fails.
There Are Still 5 A’s in Raaaaacist! [*126]
Group protests Tebow’s possible anti-abortion ad [*127] — I’m kinda pre-programmed to dislike Tebow because of his glowing press coverage and the fact that he’s a Gator. However . . .
Missouri should get on track with high-speed rail [*128] — Speaking of pre-programmed . . . are guys with the last name of Biden pre-programmed to be blithering idiots?
How Liberals Will Try to Destroy Scott Brown [*129] — The same way they try to destroy everybody who has the temerity to disagree with them about anything . . . lie, innuendo, character assassination . . .
Forty Years of Feminism Now Bearing Fruit [*130]
BARACK THE VOTE: Rock the Vote Violates its Tax-Exempt Status?[*131] — Of course they do . . .

3.5: Media bias–and incompetence:
MSNBC Prez Smacks Scarborough: Leave Keif Alone!!!! [*132] — He may be a raging lunatic, but he’s OUR raging lunatic, darn it!
MSNBC TV Host Ed Schultz Tells Robert Gibbs “You’re Full of Sh*t” [*133] — File under “A stopped clock is right twice a day . . . ”
Where Are All the Stories About the Dismissal of the E-mail Lawsuit? [*134] — Another patently frivolous Palin “ethics” complaint gets booted. When will it end?
A World of Difference [*135]
Would-be franchisees find plenty of opportunity, but funding is tough [*136] — KC Star! Re-printing government press releases and calling them news!
Childish but richly deserved [*137] — Says Professor Glenn Reynolds . . . I love Red Eye . . . and it’s probably best that it’s on at 3 a.m. . . .
Newspaper Editors Begin to Address Pro-Obama Astroturfing [*138] — Lesson: You Can’t Trust The “Letters To The Editor” page to be an honest reflection of your community’s opinion. But you already knew that, yes?
Real journalism isn’t about selling a book [*139]

3.6: Fear The ‘Cuda–A spotlight on Citizen Palin, who really needs to find a better phrase than “Common-sense conservatism” to describe her philosophy:
Conservatives 4 Palin [*140] –Semi-permanent link for Palinmania . . .

3.7: “Global warming” aka “Climate change” — or should that be “Climate Reform?”:
Another day, another IPCC lie exposed [*141]
BREAKING NEWS: scientist admits IPCC used fake data to pressure policy makers [*142]
Climategate: Just Sign on the Dotted Line [*143]
“The Science is Scuttled” – NASA climate page, suckered by IPCC, deletes their own ‘moved up’ glacier melting date reference [*144]
Glacier scientist: I knew data hadn’t been verified[*145]
Well, at least they didn’t use a lizard [*146] — You gotta know it’s big trouble for the mocked when the “Separated At Birth” meme meets the “So Easy A Caveman Could Do It” meme . . .
For the IPCC AR4, “weather events are climate” – looks like another retraction is needed [*147]
The purge continues [*148]
Burt’s Eye View: Leftist Pathology — Carbon More Dangerous Than Terrorists [*149] — Meanwhile, The Band Plays On . . .
The scandal deepens – IPCC AR4 riddled with non peer reviewed WWF papers [*150] — That’s “World Wildlife Fund” although in context, it’s entirely possible that the World Wrestling Federation would have contributed as meaningfully to the debate as the other WWF . . .
UN Officials Lied About Melting Glaciers to Win Hundreds of Thousands in Grant Money [*151]
Global Warming and the Science Fair Test [*152]
Bill Gates worries climate money robs health aid [*153] — Let’s see . . . cynical manipulation of the scientific process to push a hypothesis of dubious veracity, or trying to keep people from dying of dysentery . . . hmm, tough choice, eh?
STUNNING ADMISSION: UK scientists admit they make up data for political reasons to support Church of Global Warming [*154] — The Hillbuzz guys are right–this is quite possibly the biggest story of scientific fraud–EVER. It certainly has the most zeroes attached to it . . .
A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions [*155]
About That Settled “Science” [*156]
The IPCC: More Sins of Omission – Telling the Truth but Not the Whole Truth [*157]
Pew Poll: global warming dead last, down from last year [*158] — The Wages of Climategate are come due . . .
Dems 2010 Strategy: Drive Wedge Between Tea Party & GOP [*159]

3.8: Health care “reform” aka health insurance “reform” — or should that be health care “change?” Perhaps “Global healthing?:
The Democrats’ Five Stages of Grief Over Health Care: Liberals mourn the death of their top legislative priority. [*160]

3.9: The Economy:
Wal-Mart to cut nearly 11,200 Sam’s Club employees from work force [*161] — The people running Wal-Mart have shown themselves over the years to be Not Stupid . . . unlike so many in positions of governmental power . . .
Report: $997M in highway funds don’t help traffic [*162] — in case you thought Texas was immune from wasteful government spending . . .
Should he stay or should he go [*163]
Wage freeze worries S.D. universities [*164] — Meanwhile, in private industry, people aren’t worried about not getting raises, they’re worried about keeping their jobs in the first place . . . I’ve been there, hearing that you’re not getting a raise, and I’ve been in private industry, too. Get back to me when government people start talking seriously about Reductions in Force . . .
Economics: What If the Experts Are Wrong? And What If They’re Lying? [*165]
“unexpected” – December home sales “plunge” 17% [*166]
U.S. bans “texting” by truckers, bus drivers [*167]

3.10: Foreign affairs and National Security:
Enough Is Enough [*168] — Wherein the entire world trembles, as I link to a Newsweek article. NEWSWEEK!
Shhh… US Marines Wrap Up Mission in Iraq– Victorious [*169] — Bush’s Fault! (Oh, wait . . .)
Terror at the Mall? [*170] — “”Gun-free zones” served to attract armed loons the way that honey attracts bears. Firearms-affairs specialist John R. Lott, Jr. has gone on record to state that every major recent shooting has occurred in a declared gun-free area”
Forces of Fortune [*171]
National Security and Global Warming: Never Mind [*172]
Iraq hangs “Chemical Ali” for gas attack, crackdowns [*173]
Hugo Chavez Shuts Down Cable Channel Amid Growing Popular Unrest [*174]
Intelligence from Tehran Elevates Concern in the West [*175] — Of course, it would be difficult to elevate the concern of some of us . . .

Thought for the day

From The Road To Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek, 1944, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, 1994, The University of Chicago Press.

The so-called economic freedom which the planners promise us means precisely that we are to be relieved of the necessity of solving our own economic problems and that the bitter choices which this often involves are to be made for us. Since under modern conditions we are for almost everything dependent on means which our fellow-men provide, economic planning would involve direction of almost the whole of our life.

Excerpted under Fair Use for purposes of non-commercial education, discussion and comment. Any transcription or typographical errors are mine.

Thought for the day

From The Road To Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek, 1944, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, 1994, The University of Chicago Press.

Economic control is not merely control of a sector of human life which can be separated from the rest; it is the control of the means for all our ends. And whoever has sole control of the means must also determine which ends are to be served, which values are to be rated higher and which lower–in short, what men should believe and strive for.

Excerpted under Fair Use for purposes of non-commercial education, discussion and comment. Any transcription or typographical errors are mine.

Thought for the day

From The Road To Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek, 1944, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, 1994, The University of Chicago Press.

If we strive for money, it is because it offers us the widest choice in enjoying the fruits of our efforts. Because in modern society we are made to feel the restrictions which our relative poverty still imposes on us, many have come to hate money as the symbol of these restrictions. But this is to mistake for the cause the medium through which a force makes itself felt. It would be much truer to say that money is one of the greatest instruments of freedom ever invented by man–a range greater than that which not many generations ago was open to the wealthy.

Excerpted under Fair Use for purposes of non-commercial education, discussion and comment. Any transcription or typographical errors are mine.

Morning Whip, Jan. 23, 2010

A (mostly) daily review of what’s out there that caught my attention. (Yeah, it’s possible I might have ADD . . .)

I surf the Web, so you don’t have to!

Section One: The Word:
An occasional comment, rant, or snark, brought on by the flow of events:

What we’re seeing in Arizona, with J.D. Hayworth announcing a primary challenge against John McCain, is that it is once more the Republican Party which is the repository of ideological diversity in the American political scene. The Democrats have been completely seized by the far-left, “progressives” who want nothing more than to implement socialism in their fervent, misguided belief that this time, they’ll do it right, unlike every other single time in human history it’s been tried–a uniform and dismal history of failure and, more often than not, death and murder on a massive scale–all due to the fatal conceit of a few people that they know better than their fellows how everybody should run their lives.

So, on the one hand, I don’t think McCain can be easily forgiven for his transgression which was McCain-Feingold, aka the Incumbent Protection Act. On the other hand, I don’t think he’s a socialist. He’s a centrist–which means he really has no clue about what the “progressives” really want. He has the vague notion that they’re wrong, but it’s not at all clear to me that he knows why they’re so disastrously, drastically wrong. Palin, on the other hand, does–and I think so does Hayworth.

Section Two: Things That Amuse Me:
2.1: Simians:

2.2: Travel:

2.3: Sports:
Charging rule a non-factor so far [*1]
State of basketball in Kansas is thriving [*2]
Royals snag outfielder Ankiel [*3]

More after the “read more” . . . 2.4: Science Fiction and Writing:
The Top 9 Signs You’re Reading a Bad Dystopia Novel [*4] — There are GOOD dystopian novels?
The 100 “cheesiest movie quotes of all time” [*5] — You KNOW a lot of them will be SF movies . . .

2.5: Miscellany:
Introducing the Whopper Bar: Burger King to sell beer at fast food joints[*6]
Wow. New York Times Article About Charles Johnson Is Reasonably Accurate [*7] — If you missed the Little Green Footballs blog controversy . . . you didn’t miss much, really . . .
Stand Up for HillBuzz! [*8] — In other BlogWar news . . .

2.6: Science, technology, and space:
Survey: $700 May Be Limit for Tablet Buyers[*9]
The Myth of an “Obesity Tsunami” [*10]

Section Three: The News, featuring Liberty And Its Enemies:
3.1: Strategy and tactics for defending human freedom and liberty:
Five Memes Destroyed by Scott Brown’s Victory [*11]
Are Donation Limits Next? [*12]
Only 103 of 435 House Seats Now Safe For Dems In 2010 Election [*13] — By the Law of Averages, the Democrats will have to blindly stumble into some correct policy decision soon . . . won’t they?
Politician Gary Johnson Makes Some Sweet, Sweet Sounds [*14]
Why the Brown Revolution of ‘10 Has More Staying Power than the Obama Movement of ‘08 [*15]
Q: When Do Proposed Constitutional Amendments Deserve Derision? [*16]
For Conservatives, It’s Christmas in January: That Was the Week That Was [*17] — “Great, kid, don’t get cocky!”
Tea Party Crashers [*18]
Say It Loud — I’m Conservative, and I’m Proud! [*19] — Except, you know, I’m not really a “conservative,” except I kinda am, but not really . . .
The Context Of Middle-Class Frustration [*20] — “The middle class is the great enemy of collectivist politics, under any of its names: progressivism, communism, fascism, or “liberalism.” As far back as Karl Marx, the apostles of collectivism have understood that they must subjugate the middle class before they can claim total victory.”
Scott Brown’s Senate win tied to dissatisfaction with Obama, Washington and federal activism [*21]
What Now for the Tea Parties? [*22]
My Massachusetts District Didn’t Learn A Thing [*23]
A Resounding Defense of the First Amendment: ‘Congress Shall Make No Law’ [*24]

3.2: The reality of Obama and the Democrat leadership as blithering idiots:
California Democrats Ignore Brown Win: Vote For Bankruptcy [*25] — Why should Washington idiot Democrats have all the idiot fun?
DoJ recommends Bush strategy for terrorist detainees [*26] — IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!!! But, um, we’re going to keep his policies going, because we can’t think of how to do it better . . .
Democratic Disaray Attributable To Obama’s Lack Of Leadership [*27]
Obama’s Town Hall In Ohio [*28] — You only see the best couple of clips on the news . . . the reality of Obama is much different than that presented by the fawning, supportive big media . . .
Making Speeches Does Not Constitute Leadership [*29] — When your only skill is a deep voice and a knack for reading off of a TelePrompTer, why would any rational person think you’re qualified to be President?
America’s Mayors Grade The President [*30] — I’ll give you three guesses why Obama didn’t allow press coverage–and the first two guesses don’t count.
People Just Aren’t Buying Health Care Plan Dems Are Selling [*31] — Typical Democrat reaction: “You people are STUPID! Don’t you know we know what’s best for you? What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?”
Obama: The Anti-John Adams [*32]
61% of US Voters Want Congress to Drop Health Care But Obama Vows to Fight On (Video) [*33]
Conrad Black: Incompetent Obama teeters on the edge[*34]
Obama’s Train Wreck of a Town Hall in Ohio [*35]
Obama says court ruling a blow to democracy [*36]
Faux-Populist President Still Slamming Supreme Court [*37]
Shootin’ with the Governor (Perry) [*38]

3.3: The reality of the Republican leadership as blithering idiots:
Wherein I breathlessly await the Pachyderm strategy for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory . . .
Michelle urges Palin: Don’t campaign for McCain! Update: Hayworth jumps in? [*39] There’s idiocy here somewhere, but I’m not yet sure exactly where it lies . . .
Senator Jon Kyl’s Bad Bet [*40]
The Scott Brown Plan To Screw The Voters [*41] — Well, he is a Massachusetts Republican, after all . . .
John McCain: Palin’s Political Bridge to Nowhere [*42] — I think there’s a general consensus that This Is Not A Good Idea for Palin . . . although I don’t really see how she can do anything but back McCain–at least until Hayworth beats him in the primary . . .
Inconsistency Anyone? [*43]
Hayworth announces primary challenge to McCain [*44]

3.4: Opposition Research: The enemies of human freedom and liberty:
Babies With Uzis [*45]
‘Head Start’: The $166 Billion Fed Ed Failure [*46] — No, I’m not anti-education. I’m anti-Stupid.
Are You Not Offended?!?! [*47] — I mean, Scott Brown and his family sometimes take their clothes off! And they’re REPUBLICANS! SHOCKING! I guess one difference is that they don’t do it while appearing in a Super Bowl halftime show, but what can you say, really?
The Left’s Freaked Out Reaction To Citizens United v. FEC [*48] — It’s almost like they don’t really believe in freedom of speech, y’know?
Politico Notices: Hey, There Seems to be Some Light-to-Moderate Astroturfing Going on for Obama [*49]
The Rules Simply Don’t Apply to Liberals [*50] — “Do As I Say, Not As I Do . . .”
Exorcising The Ghost of Che Guevara: How his violent life undercuts his mythic image. [*51] — People don’t understand that wearing a Che t-shirt is a bit like wearing a Charles Manson t-shirt, except that Che makes Manson look like the amateur he was. When you wear Che you are approving politically motivated mass murder. Viva!
Dems’ “Characteristic Condescension” Caused Their Collapse [*52] . . . worst case of Know-It-All Syndrome this nation has witnessed in . . . well . . . maybe forever . . .
Scary Times in Obama High [*53] — “The alternative to capitalism is socialism and it has never worked. Not once, in all its myriad permutations.” And yet the Democrats say “No, really, it will work this time. Trust us.” Uh-huh. Sure.
Risky business [*54]
SEIU warns Obama: If ObamaCare doesn’t pass, we might not be there for the midterms [*55] — The peculiar institution known as the Progressive Circular Firing Squad begins to form . . .
Ohio Paper Catches Obama-Supporting Sock Puppet In Letter Writing Campaign [*56] — Illustrative of how the “progressive” 25% of the American population manages to convince the other 75% that the “progressives” are the “majority.” They lie, and when they do, they do it so loudly that it sounds like a majority. But it isn’t.
Obama’s Suckers [*57] — First get the confidence of the mark, then take their money . . . that’s why they call it a “con game” in the first place!
Dusting Off the Political F-Word [*58]
The Left-Wing View of Popular Will [*59]
THE NEW BLACKLIST: Oakland Mayor to Theatre Board Member — ‘Do you now or have you ever supported traditional marriage?’ [*60]

3.5: Media bias–and incompetence:
VIDEO: Jon Stewart Destroys Keith Olbermann [*61] — If Bill O’Reilly was half the buffoon Olbermann was, he would have been fired from Fox News long ago . . .
It Has Begun… State-Run Media Begins Massive Smear Campaign Against Scott Brown; Use DNC Talking Points [*62]
OMG: Washington Post’s Spin On Brown’s Arrival In DC Is More Blatant Than Daily Kos’ [*63]
Brown Doesn’t Match Everyman Image [*64]
The Propaganda of Omission [*65]
Video: GE/MSNBC political commentator pretty upset about political influence of corporations [*66] — Pots and kettles, pots and kettles . . .
Video: Guess who’s out of favor now? [*67]

3.6: Fear The ‘Cuda–A spotlight on Citizen Palin, who really needs to find a better phrase than “Common-sense conservatism” to describe her philosophy:
Conservatives 4 Palin [*68] –Semi-permanent link for Palinmania . . .

3.7: “Global warming” aka “Climate change” — or should that be “Climate Reform?”:
Statistics expert Briggs: Actually, Weather Is Climate [*69]
More Global Warming Gaffes[*70]
They Should Be Paying Us [*71]
So, their gloom & doom is based on a report riddled with errors?[*72]
Arctic temperatures above 80°N are the lowest in six years [*73]
Sanity check: 2008 & 2009 Were The Coolest Years Since 1998 in the USA [*74]

3.8: Health care “reform” aka health insurance “reform” — or should that be health care “change?” Perhaps “Global healthing?:
Massachusetts Voters Decided To Make A Stand, But Is It Enough To Save American Healthcare? [*75]
CT poll shows support for ObamaCare crumbling [*76] — That’s Connecticut–one of the most communist of the “blue” states . . .
Believe it or not: Chris Matthews destroys Grayson over reconciliation on ObamaCare [*77] — There are few politicians more richly deserving of rhetorical destruction than the boorish and loathsome Alan Grayson (D-FL).

3.9: The Economy:

3.10: Foreign affairs and National Security:
The U.S. doesn’t do enough for Haiti? Check out the other U.N. Member States [*78]
Hugo Chavez Blames Haiti Destruction on US Earthquake Machine (Video) [*79]

Thought for the day

From The Road To Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek, 1944, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, 1994, The University of Chicago Press.

. . . much more consistency is shown by the more numerous reformers who, ever since the beginning of the socialist movement, have attached the “metaphysical” idea of individual rights and insisted that in a rationally ordered world there will be no individual rights but only individual duties. This, indeed, had become the much more common attitude of our so-called “progressives,” and few things are more certain to expose one to the reproach of being a reactionary than if one protests against a measure on the grounds that it is a violation of the rights of the individual.

Excerpted under Fair Use for purposes of non-commercial education, discussion and comment. Any transcription or typographical errors are mine.