Nazi flag displayed openly in McCain campaign office!!!

Well, no, actually, it was a Che Guvara flag in an Obama campaign office.

The difference between Hitler and Che was only in degree, not in kind.  Both were ruthless thugs.  Oh, yeah, one other difference.  One of those mass murderers is, apparently, cool.

Barack Obama seems to be a very pleasant person with utterly wrong and destructive ideas about how the world works.  His supporters, on the other hand, appear from evidence like this to crave the firm whip hand and iron boot of totalitarian government.  It’s for the people, of course.

Via Blackfive[*1] /Lone Star Times[*2] and Gateway Pundit[*3] /Little Green Footballs[*4] .

Is Dave Ramsey winning?

More Americans avoiding credit and paying as they go[*1]

“We don’t use our credit cards anymore,” said Lisa Merhaut, a professional at a telecommunications company who lives in Leesburg, Va., and whose family last year ran up credit card debt they could not handle.

Today, Merhaut, 44, manages her money how her father did: Despite a household income reaching six figures, she uses cash for every purchase. “What we have is what we have,” Merhaut said. “We have to rely on the money that we’re bringing in.”

The shift under way feels to some analysts like a cultural inflection point, one with huge implications for an economy driven overwhelmingly by consumer spending.

Sounds like a good idea, really.

Wouldn’t you rather spend money for STUFF than to spend money to borrow money to buy somewhat less stuff?  Hmm?

Is it time at last for a new major political party?

With McCain seemingly surging towards the Republican nomination, and Clinton and Obama firmly entrenched on the left as the Democratic frontrunners, is it time for a new political party?

Ross Perot, where are you now?  Sure, you were a loon.  But, that “herding cats” commercial your EDS company ran during a Super Bowl would have made a great political ad.

The Libertarians are wacko.  The Constitution Party is too.

Where can a humble freedom-loving American to turn?  Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?  Harry Truman?  John Kennedy?  Ronald Reagan?

Unless something big happens, the next decade or so is going to be a rough one.  Strap in and hunker down.