First beer, now pizza fights cancer

Previously reported here, beer fights cancer. Now we learn (according to BBC News)[*1] :

Italian researchers say eating pizza could protect against cancer.

Researchers claim eating pizza regularly reduced the risk of developing oesophageal cancer by 59%.

The risk of developing colon cancer also fell by 26% and mouth cancer by 34%, they claimed.

The secret could be lycopene, an antioxidant chemical in tomatoes, which is thought to offer some protection against cancer, and which gives the fruit its traditional red colour.

Who knew that all those late nights in college were so healthy?

Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt[*2] .

Rove Won’t Be Indicted

National Review Online[*1] via FreeRepublic[*2] :

Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has informed top White House adviser Karl Rove that Rove will not face indictment in the CIA-leak investigation, National Review Online has learned. The word came yesterday, when Fitzgerald told Rove lawyer Robert Luskin that he, Fitzgerald, did not plan to seek charges against Rove. This morning, Luskin released a brief statement:   

    On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove.

    In deference to the pending case, we will not make any further public statements about the subject matter of the investigation. We believe that the Special Counsel’s decision should put an end to the baseless speculation about Mr. Rove’s conduct.

I’m not sure how to put this but:  so sorry, Loony Left.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled fever dream.  Halliburton!

Calling Greater Kansas City libertarian/center-right bloggers!

I was sitting around this afternoon, doing what I usually do (surf the Web), and I stumble across Tony’s Kansas City[*1] blog (nice King Frog[*2] picture, by the way, Tony). He’s apparently a nexus blogger (i.e. a blogger that lots of other local Kansas City-area bloggers know and link to). I had a thought: where are the libertarian/center-right Kansas City bloggers? There must be one or two other than yours truly here at

So, now having a mission, I commence to searching. The search started by going through the blogroll at[*3] . Holy moley, there are a lot of “alternative” bloggers. After running through about twenty of them, I grow weary and head off to Technorati[*4] .

At Technorati, I enter something like “kansas city blogs” and hurray! I find a KC-area blogger who describes herself as politically somewhere between Ann Coulter and Peggy Noonan. Since the mere mention of Ann Coulter causes severe distress to my favorite mother-in-law, this amuses me greatly. Therefore, I’ll be adding The Chatterbox Chronicles[*5] to my blogroll and probably to my Bloglines feed.

But the quest continues! If you’re a blogger in the greater Kansas City area (i.e. states of Kansas and Missouri, or ties to the KC metro area) with a center/libertarian/moderate right political stance (your blog doesn’t have to be primarily political, by the way) drop me a trackback here, sign up here and post your blog URL in the comments to this post, or e-mail to phil – at – haskett – dot – org. No Kos Kidz/”netroots” types, please.

Meanwhile, I am, therefore I surf . . .

What TV Show Do You Want To Come Back?

The Kansas City Star is asking. (I’d link to the story but I can’t find it on their web site[*1] . Oh, well . . . )

Me, it would be Mystery Science Theater 3000[*2] , hands-down. No other show would even be close. Maybe Farscape[*3] as a distant second place to MST3K.

Send an e-mail to with your favorite (replace the -at- with @ of course)…and drop in a comment here, if you do! (Registration is of course required).

Fight Cancer! Drink Beer!

Yahoo News Reports![*1]

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A main ingredient in beer may help prevent prostate cancer and enlargement, according to a new study. But researchers say don’t rush out to stock the refrigerator because the ingredient is present in such small amounts that a person would have to drink more than 17 beers to benefit.

Oregon State University researchers say the compound xanthohumol, found in hops, inhibits a specific protein in the cells along the surface of the prostate gland.

The protein acts like a signal switch that turns on a variety of animal and human cancers, including prostate cancer.

Geez, 17 beers is a bit much though for a single dosage. maybe you can spread them out over a few days and still get the benefit?

The Z-Man Lived! (For a little while)

So now we learn that the barbarian murderer al-Zarqawi lived for nearly an hour[*1] after the U.S. bombs fell on him.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Abu Musab al-Zarqawi lived for 52 minutes after a U.S. warplane bombed his hideout northeast of Baghdad, and he died of extensive internal injuries consistent with those caused by a bomb blast, the U.S. military said Monday.

Col. Steve Jones, command surgeon for Multinational Forces, said an autopsy concluded that al-Zarqawi died from serious injuries to his lungs. An
FBI test positively identified al-Zarqawi’s remains.

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, a spokesman for the U.S. military in Baghdad, said U.S. forces arrived about 28 minutes after a fighter jet bombed al-Zarqawi’s hideout outside Baqouba on Wednesday. Medics secured al-Zarqawi’s airway but his breathing was shallow and labored, and he expelled blood from his mouth.

There’s every chance that he knew who killed him.  He can take that knowledge to whatever Hell awaits him.  Good.