The Migration Continues!

You may notice that there’s actually activity here at I’m finally getting around to moving the old Geeklog articles over here to the shiny new-ish WordPress site. This requires some minor editing of the old posts so that they don’t look too weird here.

I’m trying to put the articles into WordPress by the same date that they were originally posted on the old Geeklog site, so you’ll eventually see a lot of months showing up over there in the “Monthly Archive” section. I probably should be categorizing the articles as I go, and putting tags on them too. But it’s going to take long enough just going through and doing the minor cleanup editing I’ll have to do. I suppose I’ll then go through them again and classify them by category and putting tags on them, once things are more or less migrated.

There’s just over 3,000 posts that need to be edited by hand, one by one, in order to get things back into good order, so this will take a while.

And then, there will be the backlog of Journeys posts that has built up since my enthusiasm for blogging waned a few years back.

UPDATE 3 Jun 2019 6:15 pm(ish):

I’ve done around 300 of the 3,000 posts so far, and that seems like enough for one day. Again, things will look a bit weird around here until everything gets where it’s supposed to be. A work in progress!