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The Whip

Morning Whip, August 2, 2005

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The Whip #10: Army sergeant elected Sheik in Iraq
#9: Iran escalates nuclear dispute
#8: How radical Islamists see the world
#7: How radical animal rights and environmentalists see the world
#6: Search engines give increasingly different results
#5: Warnings for Celebrex
#4: How to be a conscientious objector
#3: Oh, those Royals
#2: Bolton is in
#1: Shuttle repair space walk scheduled

Morning Whip, July 29, 2005

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The Whip Well, this took a while. Upside: more commentary (i.e. more in-depth smart-a$$ remarks rather than quickie smart-a$$ remarks). Downside: it's 10-freakin-30 in the a.m. I started on this sucker at 6:30. Geez, I gotta pick up the pace!
#10: Economy continues steady growth
#9: Reuters closes Kansas City area software office
#8: Gotcha game: Kennedy questions Roberts
#7: Gotcha game finally tags Bolton
#6: Gotcha game: Bush demands Senators release their
#5: Tampa Bay 10, Kansas City 5
#4: Shuttle Discovery still in orbit
#3: IRA says they'll disarm
#2: Media criticized, screech like stuck pigs
#1: Legislation Landslide

Morning Whip, July 28, 2005

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The Whip Another new format this morning. Not sure if this one will last--it was quite a bit more work.

#10: Kansas City's "Fringe Festival"
#9: Rainforests cause more global warming than previously thought
#8: Western collegiate wrestling conference to form

#7: Royals 6, White Sox 5
#6: But does he play a mean pinball?
#5: The Spaceship Company founded
#4: Shuttle external tank foam problems
#3: More, more, more! (Roberts nomination)
#2: Plan may not be enough to keep Delta out of bankruptcy
#1: Rumsfeld in Iraq

Morning Whip, July 25, 2005

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The Whip #10: Plame Game
We need to fill out another slow news day. Sigh. Apparently Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (gasp!) was informed of the Plame investigation (gasp!) by the Justice Department (gasp!) and waited twelve hours before notifying the White House Staff (gasp!) after asking Justice if he needed to keep it confidential or not (gasp!). Gonzales did however inform White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card immediately (gasp! Heat up the tar! Get the feathers ready!). Obviously Gonzales is guilty of obstruction of agenda! Off with his head!

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Morning Whip, July 24, 2005

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The Whip #10: Missouri settles with college students
According to report from ksdk.com, Missouri law from 1872 said "youths, resident of the state of Missouri," should be admitted to the states university "without payment of tuition.". Suit results in $500 from state to each of almost 5,000 University of Missouri students. Oops.

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