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Morning Whip, July 24, 2005

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The Whip #10: Missouri settles with college students
According to report from ksdk.com, Missouri law from 1872 said "youths, resident of the state of Missouri," should be admitted to the states university "without payment of tuition.". Suit results in $500 from state to each of almost 5,000 University of Missouri students. Oops.

As always, click on the article title above or on "read more" below to get the entire list. #9: Blue Jays 9, Royals 4
Kansas City needs to go 47-20 to finish .500, 30-37 to avoid 100 losses.

#8: Lance Armstrong is about to do it again
He beings his last ride in the Tour de France.

#7: Shuttle countdown starts anew
Launch scheduled for Tuesday.

#6: Return of the drive-in theater
Back to the 1950's.

#5: Sioux Falls continues to boom
Housing prices up. Sprawl continues to head south.

#4: Bankrupt Si Tanka College bought by creditor bank
Bank hopes to find a buyer to re-open Huron, S.D. college.

#3: An ideological war, not a military one
From Belmont Club, required reading in this Age of Terrorism.
. . . current commanders face a more basic problem: getting recognition that their nation and much of the world is at war against an enemy which cannot -- witness Mr. Annan's difficulties -- actually be named.

#2: Sharm el-Sheik resort in Egypt is bombed
At least 88 dead as three bombs explode in Egyptian resort town.

#1: British admit they shot the wrong guy
British police gun down Brazilian electrician.