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Atkins Nutritionals in Chapter 11

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The Great Low-Carb Bust continues. Atkins Nutritionals becomes the latest low-carb food company which tried to profit from the low-carb boom of the early 2000's to file bankruptcy.
"Mainstream companies such as Unilever, Kraft, and General Mills broke into the controlled-carbohydrate market in 2004 with well-funded, aggressive product launches," Rebecca Roof, Atkins' chief restructuring officer, said in court papers. As a result, Roof said, sales in 2004 were "dramatically less than forecast."
I'm not so sure that low-carb dieters wouldn't be better off if all of these low-carb "fake-food" products disappeared from the shelves and we went back to more natural fare of salads, fresh vegetables, meat, cream, and butter.