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Animal Husbandry

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Item: A Minnesota woman was severely injured by a bear attack in the woods. She's reported to be in good condition at a Duluth hospital.

Item: Mom fights off cougar with cooler. Hayley Bazille is OK after being attacked by a cougar in British Columbia. Her mom Monique fought off the cat with a cooler containing four bottles of beer.

I saw that cougar on her and I wasn't the least bit afraid of it, the Vancouver emergency-room nurse said. I wasn't afraid of it at all. It's instinctive. Anyone would have done the same thing.
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Ms. Bazille said she is thankful her daughter is alive and urged parents to keep their children close when in the woods.

Joking, she said she is also thankful that she and her husband make it a habit to bring a cooler of beer to the beach.