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Morning Whip, July 29, 2005

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The Whip Well, this took a while. Upside: more commentary (i.e. more in-depth smart-a$$ remarks rather than quickie smart-a$$ remarks). Downside: it's 10-freakin-30 in the a.m. I started on this sucker at 6:30. Geez, I gotta pick up the pace!
#10: Economy continues steady growth
#9: Reuters closes Kansas City area software office
#8: Gotcha game: Kennedy questions Roberts
#7: Gotcha game finally tags Bolton
#6: Gotcha game: Bush demands Senators release their
#5: Tampa Bay 10, Kansas City 5
#4: Shuttle Discovery still in orbit
#3: IRA says they'll disarm
#2: Media criticized, screech like stuck pigs
#1: Legislation Landslide