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How to be a conscientious objector

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The Kansas City Star helpfully offers nearly a full page of advice.
Worries about a potential draft grow, advocates say, even as the Bush administration and the Selective Service work hard to dispel the idea that mandatory military service is in the works. Log on to the Selective Service Web site, ,a href="http://www.sss.gov>www.sss.gov, and the first screen that pops up carries a notice that the House of Representatives voted 402-2 last October to defeat a bill to make military service mandatory.
Note to KC Star: there's no draft. Now, I also think that the required registration of males only with Selective Service is wrong and should be abandoned. I have a big problem with forced labor in any form. However, disingenuously claiming to be morally against violence when you're just scared isn't very noble either.

Also, I seem to have missed the balancing article of similar length in The Star about those whose conscience leads them to volunteer for duty in the Armed Forces. I'm sure it's forthcoming. If not, one might almost think that the newspaper has an anti-war agenda to its news reporting.