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Morning Whip, July 25, 2005

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The Whip #10: Plame Game
We need to fill out another slow news day. Sigh. Apparently Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (gasp!) was informed of the Plame investigation (gasp!) by the Justice Department (gasp!) and waited twelve hours before notifying the White House Staff (gasp!) after asking Justice if he needed to keep it confidential or not (gasp!). Gonzales did however inform White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card immediately (gasp! Heat up the tar! Get the feathers ready!). Obviously Gonzales is guilty of obstruction of agenda! Off with his head!

As always, click on the article title above or on "read more" below to get the entire list. #9: Noodling: "You just get a fever for it"
Kansas City Star article reports:
“I wouldn’t want to stick my hand down in a hole under the bank knowing fish this big are down there,” said Missouri biologist Nathan Woodland.
Related: Noodling becomes legal in Georgia on Friday.

#8: Royals 6, Blue Jays 5
D.J. Carrasco gets the win. Royals need to go 46-20 to finish .500, 29-37 to avoid 100 losses.

#7: Lance Armstrong takes seventh Tour de France
Armstrong goes out on top.

#6: Hawaii teen recovering from barracuda attack
19-year-old Tonga Loumoli suffers attack to his stomach while fishing in the Pacific.

#5: Guy who owns vista.com unhappy with Microsoft
John Wall thinks Microsoft is infringing on his copyright. Wall runs vista.com, a software company.

#4: Teamsters, Service Employees, two other unions to leave AFL/CIO
Union solidarity unravels as four major unions leave the AFL/CIO.

#3: Shuttle on track for Tuesday launch
Weather is the main threat to the launch, chance of weather problems put at 40%.

#2: The Declining Terrorist Threat (New York Times, July 10, 2001)
There's wrong and then there's this. Oof.

#1: Iraqis defy thugs, flock to recruiting stations
The Telegraph reports long lines of young Iraqis wanting to volunteer to join the new Iraqi army.