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Around The World in 37 Days

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This is the tale of Snookums' and Filbert's voyage around the world.

Judy, Indian groom and bride, Snookums and Filbert – Hyderabad, India (October 18, 2007)

I must note that it was largely written by Snookums.  I basically did some editing, and took the pictures, but the story is largely from her point of view, except where it got too much and I had to re-write it to make myself look a bit better.  (Insert smiley here).

The stories are all completed and on Medary.com, but the system will publish them approximately one per day, until they are all posted here.  I'm doing that because they're a bit picture-intensive (as many as 10 pictures per post) and I don't want the site to take too long to load, as it might if I just dumped them out onto the public web site all at once.  But, if you just can't wait, you can get a jump on the process and read the entire tale of our journey by using the links below:

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