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Raggin' On Kansas, Part Two

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The Kansas Supreme Court demonstrates their profound lack of understanding of the fundamental concept of separation of powers, by ruling that the State Legislature didn't appropriate enough money for education in the state.

Missouri is looking better and better.

When Wackos Ruled, um, Kansas

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Of course you know of the learned group running the Kansas Board of Education, yes? These are the yahoos who don't think evolution is a good idea, but think that a mysterious creationism is. Well, they're baaaaaaackkkkkkk.....

From the Kansas City Star story entitled Evolution theory called impossible:

In a recent newsletter to constituents in western Kansas, board member Connie Morris calls evolution a “fairy tale” that has “anti-God contempt and arrogance.”
. . .
“In short, Darwin’s theory of evolution is biologically, genetically, mathematically, chemically, metaphysically and etc. wildly and utterly impossible,” Morris wrote constituents.

The article of course also reports that creationism opponents such as Board member Sue Gamble falls back on the "separation of church and state" canard.

What's truly sad is that both sides are profoundly mistaken. The evolutionists show a Luddite "contempt and arrogance" (to coin a phrase) for science with every word they utter.

Here's the fact: Evolution explains the available evidence and fits well with progress in related scientific fields. Creationism doesn't. Evolution (by extension into genetics) does a very good job of explaining how DNA can be changed over time--correlating well with other advances in bio-science.

Creationism on the other hand doesn't explain why we can manipulate dog genes to create dachshunds and great danes, how we can create hybrid varieties of wheat, how we can manufacture Roundup-ready corn. Before it can be taken seriously, it needs to be judged in the context of the entire field of life science. Not just in the context of Genesis.

I don't often side with the "liberals" but I'm with them on this one. Creationism is nonsense until sufficient evidence for it being correct is presented. Screeching that I somehow have “anti-God contempt and arrogance” or that "Darwin’s theory of evolution is biologically, genetically, mathematically, chemically, metaphysically and etc. wildly and utterly impossible” isn't evidence. It's intimidation, and presumption of the highest order.

This whole episode is a continuing stain on the reputation of Kansas. On the other hand, sitting here in suburban Kansas City on the Missouri side, it makes Missouri look comparatively that much better.

Don't Bug Me, I'm Rippin!

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The article count has decreased dramatically of late. Sorry about that, it might have something to do with trips to Paris and San Francisco, playing with my new camera (Canon Exilim EX-Z750) and finally getting around to ripping my CD collection to .mp3. Yes, my music collection is finally entering the 21st Century.

Never fear, I've still got a number of other Medary.com projects in the works.

Thomas Sowell on the Military

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What Will Future Generations Say?

It is impossible to fight a war without heroism. Yet can you name a single American military hero acclaimed by the media for an act of courage in combat? Such courage is systematically ignored by most of the media.

If American troops kill a hundred terrorists in battle and lose ten of their own men doing it, the only headline will be: "Ten More Americans Killed in Iraq Today."

Oh, note to Howard Dean: Sowell is black. He has a job, too.

Glenn Reynolds vs. Howard Dean

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Glenn Reynolds strikes again! Quotes like this keep him at the front rank in the Blogosphere:

Howard Dean is pretty much a one-man ScrappleFace full-employment guarantee.

Reynolds is of course talking about our beloved National Democratic Chairman and former Presidential Candidate (YEARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!) Howard Dean, in reference to Dean's quote:

"Thanks to their pale skin, round eyes and khaki trousers, Republicans just blend in," said Mr. Dean. "So they vote, get in the back of the line and vote again. And because they've never made an honest living in their lives, they could do that all day long."

It is fascinating how vote fraud, which if the Democrats didn't invent, they brought to the level of high art, has become a core belief in the Democrats' litany of complaints against the Republicans. I've long ago come to the conculsion that the Democrats are the Party of Psychological Projection (i.e. most of what they loathe and fear about Republicans, they are themselves guilty of). Perhaps this is what the experts mean about half of all Americans suffering mental illness during their lifetimes?

Oh, a link to Scrappleface, an often hilarious parody site.

Are Half Of Us Crazy?

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You know, I can actually believe this.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Mental illness will hit half in U.S.

About half of Americans will develop a mental disorder at some time in their lives, the survey of nearly 10,000 U.S. adults found -- with half of those cases starting by age 14, and three-quarters by age 24.

In The News . . .

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Catching up on some of the headlines:

Deep Throat Revealed!
OK, who really cares? I mean, I'm a pretty serous news junkie but please, some 90-year-old guy gets trotted out before his demise so that his golddigger family can cash in on his not-so-noble past? (Not-so-noble in that he wasn't leaking out of civic duty, but because he was P.O'ed about being passed over for FBI Director. Next story, please!)

France, Netherlands Reject the EU Constitution!
So much for European Unity, at least for a while.

Michael Jackson Trial goes to Jury!
And, in a related story, MJ has "back pain." Riiiiighttttt . . .

Amnesty International Destroys its Credibility!
In a master stroke of transparent international leftism, Amnesty International head (ironically named Kahn) equates guards kicking holy books and generally being disrespectful of murderers and terrorists to Soviet camps where thousands and millions were worked and starved to death by Stalin. KAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!.

This is "news?"

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Lead paragraph from a Kansas City Star front page story:

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Friday released new details about mishandling of the Qur’an at the Guantanamo Bay prison, confirming that a soldier deliberately kicked the Muslim holy book.

OK, so kicking a religion's holy book is a pretty darn impolite thing to do, and depending on whether or not you believe in the teachings in the book, might just consign you to Hell. But really, is it front page news? Really?