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In The News . . .

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Catching up on some of the headlines:

Deep Throat Revealed!
OK, who really cares? I mean, I'm a pretty serous news junkie but please, some 90-year-old guy gets trotted out before his demise so that his golddigger family can cash in on his not-so-noble past? (Not-so-noble in that he wasn't leaking out of civic duty, but because he was P.O'ed about being passed over for FBI Director. Next story, please!)

France, Netherlands Reject the EU Constitution!
So much for European Unity, at least for a while.

Michael Jackson Trial goes to Jury!
And, in a related story, MJ has "back pain." Riiiiighttttt . . .

Amnesty International Destroys its Credibility!
In a master stroke of transparent international leftism, Amnesty International head (ironically named Kahn) equates guards kicking holy books and generally being disrespectful of murderers and terrorists to Soviet camps where thousands and millions were worked and starved to death by Stalin. KAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!.