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The Whip

Morning Whip, Dec. 23, 2009

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Politics and applied philosophy:
TEA Party Patriots: Don’t Go Home, Fight!
Unhinged update: Left-wing hate-crime hoaxer pleads guilty in Denver
Worst Decade Evah? Nick Gillespie on NPR Discussing Same
Crowdsourcing The Contract With America 2.0
The Health-Care Backlash
New Poll: Health Care Approval Down To 36%
Our Coming Medicare Debacle
Change… Obama Now More Loathed Than Bush at End of His Second Term
Of Course… Obama’s White House Christmas Tree Includes Mao Tse-Tung Ornaments
New Missouri Polling Data Shows McCaskill Tanking
Beer Is Cheaper Than Water—When You Compare Really Cheap Beer to Expensive Water
Libertarianism in Ancient China
Congressional Democrats Already Preparing to Lose Control of Congress
Why the 'Angry Mob' Is Angry
A Republican's Airing of Grievances
Repeal the 17th Amendment. Nuke the Federal Reserve
Palin as litmus test
Old GOP message: “We’re going to fight to the finish line;” New GOP message: “Let’s go home”
Palin: I told you so!
White House: We didn’t know Mao was on our Christmas ornaments
Rasmussen: Strong disapproval outstrips overall approval for first time
Top Ten Foreign Policy Blunders of 2009 -- hmm. Should I have a separate "foreign policy" Whip sub-heading?
The Dems' political payoff
University of Michigan Study Confirms Link Between Financial Bailout and Corruption
Tea Parties, Third Parties and the Republican Party

Health care "change" (called by some "reform"):
Birthers, fanatics, and right-wing militias
Tyranny in the Senate
A Free-Market Guide to Healthcare
Biggest Defection of The Day (That You Never Heard About)
Health Care: The Pig in the Road
Can Obama Open His Mouth Without Lying About Health Care?
The Singapore Alternative
Pay Your Own Bill
DeMint to force vote on constitutionality of mandate
The list of payoffs that got Reid his cloture vote
Why is the AMA Supporting a 20% Pay Cut for Their Members?
Obamacare’s Constitutional Problems Proliferating
Alan Reynolds: Death Panels? Sarah Palin Was Right
Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals, and a Death Panel -- from the 'Cuda herself.
Big PhRMA Payoff: Hidden Tax on Pedialyte, Prenatal Vitamins, and Pain Relievers

Travel and cruising:
DOT Mandates Passenger Bill of Rights and I’m Not Happy
Q&A: "Cruise Confidential" Author on the Life of a Crewmember

"Global warming" aka "Climate change" -- or should that be "Climate Reform?":
Climate Plan B
Build-A-Climate-Scare: Why You Should Boycott Build-A-Bear
Unbearable Global Warming Hype Threatens the North Pole at Christmas
Met Office and CRU bow to public pressure: publish data subset and code
Texas State Climatologist: “IPCC AR4 was flat out wrong” – relied on flawed WWF report
A story of conversion: Global Warming Believer To Skeptic
The Cultural Contradictions of Anti-Nuke Environmentalists

The Economy:
The Financial Villain of the Decade
Shoppers were online, not at malls, last weekend --WARNING: plays a video without your consent! Bad Reuters! BAD!
Job distress for Generation X
After ‘fat cat’ comment, Obama changes tone with small-time bankers
Geithner: U.S. job growth unlikely before spring
Obama says he has unemployed relatives -- yeah. Mostly in Kenya.
“If American farms such as hers were forced to compete in the global free market, they would collapse.”
How Government "Reforms" Prolong The Great Recession

Wild chimps have near human understanding of fire, says study by ISU's Pruetz

Man jailed for eating rare tiger
Dog Meat Supplier
Michelle Obama’s Most Hideous Outfits of 2009

Microsoft loses Word appeal, will adjust program
Power goes out twice at Alaska air traffic control

Circling the Summit
SDSU women falter at Iowa

Do I read all of these articles? No. But I want to.

UPDATE: The chimps were sooo wild that they had spread to the Tech and Sports sub-headings.

UPDATE 2:Miscellany, not Miscellania which isn't even a real word. I make them up sometimes.

Morning Whip, Tuesday Morning, Dec. 22, 2009

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Yes, the Whip returns. Who knows how long it will stay?

Travel and cruising:
New Cruise Ships for 2010
Staying Safe in Port
A Christmas Message for American Samoa
Boeing says second 787 will fly on Tuesday
Carl's Cruise Capers and Travel Tips -- Our friend Carl has some new posts up on his blog.

China to require Internet domain name registration
The ghost of Christmases past -- The continuing corruption of history via Wikopedia.

Thoughts On 2009
The March Toward Publication (or What Happens Next, Part Two)
Guest Post: Books on Writing

"Global Warming"-er-"Climate Change"-er-Fleecing The Developed World
Hansen on the surface temperature record, Climategate, solar, and El Nino
Other Consequences of Climategate
Truth Is Victim When The Left Abuses Science --pay attention to this one. It's by Thomas Sowell.

Health Care "Change" (called by some "reform")
The States’ Failed Experiments
In Pursuit of Death
Health Care Debate Reveals Prejudices of Liberal Elites
Obama's Latest Health Care Lie
The Six Key Issues the House Must Cave On Before Obamacare Becomes Law

Politics and applied philosophy
Mr. Obama: Tear Down Your Wall of Secrecy (ok, it's a "birther" piece. Yeah, I'm a bad person. shrug)
Returning to the Moon
St. Cloud Times: Precocious girl pens Palin
Obama: A Republican Plant?

The Economy
The Deflation Threat
A Christmas message for America
Q3 GDP revised sharply downward — again

Whip Fatigue!

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The Whip OK, I admit it . . . I've got Whip Fatigue. Just not feeling any motivation to post lately. I suppose I'll snap out of it sooner or later, but for now, posting will remain light to nonexistent.

The Whip: September 9, 2005

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The Whip Where was the Whip yesterday? Well, dentist, then a doctor appointment, and then there's the ongoing work copying my VHS collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to DVD. Busy, busy, busy!

#7: Royals beat White Sox
#6: Sandy "Docs in my sox" Berger gets a stiff fine
#5: Tired of moo goo gai puppy? Try donkey meat with tiger urine!
#4: We're evolving. EVOLVING, do you hear!!!
#3: Some support for the EMT's story
#2: Should Bush have invoked the Insurrection Act?
#1: General Honore takes charge

Morning Whip, September 7, 2005

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The Whip Alert readers will notice that this isn't actually a "Morning" Whip. It is in fact almost 5 in the afternoon. Fact is that the Whip is getting too complex for one guy (me) to try to put out before noon, given everything else I want to do (not to mention what Snookums wants me to do). So, say goodbye to the "Morning Whip" and say hi to the "Daily Whip." We'll see how that goes . . .

#10: Airlines in trouble
#9: The Kansas City Hornets?
#8: White Sox 6, Royals 5
#7: The "refugee" debate
#6: Superdome may have to come down
#5: Katrina: What worked?
#4: Americans aren't buying the blame spin
#3: Escape from New Orleans
#2: The collapse of the NOPD
#1: Is New Orleans being evacuated? Or not?