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Morning Whip, 5/3/05

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The Whip I'm going to take another run at individual articles rather than a morning whiparound, so Morning Whip will go on hiatus.

This should make it easier for readers to comment (please comment!) on articles as they're posted.

Did I say "please comment" yet?

Morning Whip 5/2/05

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The Whip The Whip is pretty lame again today. But, the garage is clean, and the dog poop has been picked up/hosed off of the back yard patio, so the morning isn't a complete, um, wash. So, let's give it a try.

Social Security 'nerd' earns Bush's attention. See what happens when people actually talk to one another rather than just shout back and forth? I don't know for sure if Robert Pozen's Social Security reform idea is really the way to go, but it's heartening to actually see constructive ideas rather than knee-jerk obstructionism come from the D side of the political spectrum.

The prosecutor is looking into Jennifer Wilbanks' western vacation.

Laura Bush has once again proved that conservatives' senses of humor are better developed.

In a related story, a parody/hoax news release this bogus press release purportedly from a Christian group complaining about the First Lady's performance was swallowed hook line and sinker by several media outlets including MSNBC. The real Traditional Values Coalition just says this "comes with the territory."

Cleaning up the Abu Gharib mess. Lyndie Englund pleads gulity becoming the latest to, um, go down.

In sports, Stop The Presses: The Royals have won two in a row! What'll be next, the Red Sox winning the World Series? Oh, that already happened? Well then, how about the Cubs?

Morning Whip, 5/1/05

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The Whip You know, there's really nothing in the Sunday news that I feel like highlighting or commenting on. I think I'll go clean the garage. We'll try to Whip again tomorrow . . .

Runaway Bride

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First, as a matter of full disclosure, my revulsion to Julia Roberts began after I was subjected to the movie Runaway Bride both going and coming on Northwest Airlines during a business trip some years ago. I thought at the time that (on top of it being just a bad movie), the Roberts character was a contemptible serial emotional abuser that no self-respecting man with a lick of common sense would tolerate for five seconds.

So you can imagine my reaction to the news that Jennifer Wilbanks' week long deception of her fiance, her family, and the media. The only slack I will give her is that she only ran away once.

I'd even stop short of full condemnation if she hadn't reported her little bus trip as a kidnapping. She's quoted as "needing some time alone." It is my fervent hope that the judicial system gives her exactly that.

Meanwhile, her fiance and family try to pick up the pieces, and the emotional pornographers in the media move on to the next juicy tear-jerker.

Morning Whip, 4/29/05

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The Whip Bush tries again with Social Security.

Iraq has a democratically elected government now.

Ivory-billed woodpecker, thought to be extinct, isn't.

Shuttle launch date might slip again.

The entire Kansas City metropolitan area breathes a sigh of relief as the Royals finally leave town for a road trip.

NCAA Board of Directors news:
Approve 12th football game for I-A.
One I-A game vs. a I-AA football opponent will count towards bowl eligibility.
Eased I-A football attendance requirements.
Approve all but one of the women's basketball recruiting proposals put forward by the WBCA.

"The Scream" destroyed?

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Munch masterpieces destroyed?

This news report from Norway seems to indicate that the famous "Scream" painting might have been destroyed by art thieves. That would be something to scream about. This was one of the most famous paintings in the world.

Google Ads (to the left)

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I see Google has rolled out their image ads in their Adsense program (which Medary.com is enrolled in as a "publisher". Look over to the left side of Medary.com pages and you should see context-sensitive ads, now including image (picture) ads as well as text ads.

Of course, the first one I see is a hate-GWB ad, so I had to go out to the Google site and tell them that I choose not to promote that particular advertiser. Sigh.

Anyway, hopefully this whole ad thing will continue to be refined, and you'll occasionally see something over there that piques your interest.

Is CNN not playing well with others on the Web?

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Nick Lewis begins his article:

Last week, CNN attempted an unusual marketing campaign in the blogosphere. The campaign combined blackhat search engine optimization techniques, viral marketing tactics, and guerrilla comment spam. Unlike the majority of comment spam, this spam appears to only target blogs that have discussed CNN in the past 3 months. So far, 13 separate instances of the spam have been found. Most alarmingly, CNN may have also left malicious keywords at least 3 out of 13 with the intent of using google's keyword stuffing detectors to censor them. As of now CNN has not returned my request for a confirmation or denial.

A good analysis, in my opinion. If true, CNN has been bad, and needs to go to the Naughty Spot for a few minutes. (Snookums and I have been watching Nanny 911 recently . . . )