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Morning Whip 5/2/05

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The Whip The Whip is pretty lame again today. But, the garage is clean, and the dog poop has been picked up/hosed off of the back yard patio, so the morning isn't a complete, um, wash. So, let's give it a try.

Social Security 'nerd' earns Bush's attention. See what happens when people actually talk to one another rather than just shout back and forth? I don't know for sure if Robert Pozen's Social Security reform idea is really the way to go, but it's heartening to actually see constructive ideas rather than knee-jerk obstructionism come from the D side of the political spectrum.

The prosecutor is looking into Jennifer Wilbanks' western vacation.

Laura Bush has once again proved that conservatives' senses of humor are better developed.

In a related story, a parody/hoax news release this bogus press release purportedly from a Christian group complaining about the First Lady's performance was swallowed hook line and sinker by several media outlets including MSNBC. The real Traditional Values Coalition just says this "comes with the territory."

Cleaning up the Abu Gharib mess. Lyndie Englund pleads gulity becoming the latest to, um, go down.

In sports, Stop The Presses: The Royals have won two in a row! What'll be next, the Red Sox winning the World Series? Oh, that already happened? Well then, how about the Cubs?