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Morning Whip, 4/24/05

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The Whip A new Mark Steyn article is up at the Chicago Sun-Times.
Anyway, a surprisingly large number of hitherto quiescent Granite State Republicans demanded to know what's the deal with the inept and unreliable GOP senators. Newt gave pretty much the standard reply: Well, you must understand the party's still not used to being in charge of Congress. If they'd taken the first poll of the 2008 primary right there and then, he'd have dropped off the graph.

Newt's answer was just about plausible in 1995. But after a decade in charge? The Iraqi people are expected to get the hang of this self-government thing in 20 minutes, but the Republican Party requires another decade or three?

Steyn's better at this than I am. I tried to make basically the same point a couple of Whips ago.

Major media company admits equipping, sending hecklers to conservative meeting. (Hat tip: Instapundit).

Snookums and I were listening to "Jack" Radio just last night. A commentary here:
How does terrestrial radio respond? By trying to be more like satellite radio. (Impossible since music channels on satellite radio has no commercials.) By trying to be more like an iPod. (Why would I trade my iPod for Jack? My iPod has all my favorite music...plus no commercials.)

Hemp. It's making a comeback. I've got a Tilley hemp hat, and I love the thing. And I don't generally like hats.

Spring Football: SDSU's defense looks good.

Wal-Mart continues its push into every nook and cranny of the USA.