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Morning Whip, 4/21/05

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The Whip Republicans still don't know how to govern as a majority:
GOP lawmakers offer to investigate DeLay
Senate Urged to Confirm Bolton Nomination
The truth about Bush's not-so-dirty dozen judges

But maybe they're learning. House Speaker Hastert edges toward hardball politics by suggesting that leading Democrats might also find themselves in the ethical crosshairs.

The NEA thinks your money is theirs, and they'll sue to get it.

Synchronized traffic lights save time, gas. They're also not really that easy to set up and operate especially as size of the city grows, which is why most places don't do it. They should, though.

Space Shuttle's return to space pushed back a week to May 22.

Marine is leading candidate to become Chairman of Joint Chiefs, would be first Marine in that post.

Chimps will not be charged in mauling of California man.

Meanwhile, the Great Ape Trust of Iowa is set to open a new campus near Des Moines.

Great Ape Trust. Of Iowa.

US Airways-America West airline merger being discussed.

There's apparently an NFL Draft about to happen. Unfortunately I've been so busy with life elsewhere that I haven't been paying attention.

San Diego gets a second college football bowl game, and San Jose loses theirs.

Deron Williams won't be returning to the Illinois basketball team next year, gets agent, files for the NBA draft.

Snookums and I have been watching House recently.

Ben and Jen Part Deux. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.