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Conference Map Project

The Conference Map Project documents the current geographic configurations of various football and basketball conferences.

The project uses as its primary source information the conference configurations as listed on Yahoo's football and men's basketball pages, as well as the NCAA's directories of member institutions. Google Maps was used to confirm and validate school locations.

All school locations on the maps are approximate (i.e. no effort has been made to precisely place each institution by the longitude and latitude of its primary campus).

Feedback is encouraged - please let me know what you think by clicking on the Comments link in the left hand sidebar.

NCAA Division I Basketball Conferences

On the drawing board for The Project:
NCAA Division I-A Football Conferences
NCAA Division I-AA Football Conferences
NCAA Division II Basketball Conferences
NCAA Division II Football Conferences

Schools/Fans I've upset so far by initially leaving them off the map:
Oops. Big oops. Sorry, Jags and Bulldogs. I fix these errors as soon as I find out about them.

By the way, Kennesaw State, NJIT, and North Florida aren't on the 2004-05 map because their exploratory year (year 1) of their reclassifications is this year, 2005-06. They'll be on this year's map as soon as I get around to creating it. (I'm not sure why the NCAA lists St. Vincent College on that page, as they're apparently reclassing to D-III from the NAIA.)

Thanks for all the feedback.

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