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I'm a Flappy Bird!

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Once again, long pointless hours spent blogging and linking are paying off, as Medary.com has evolved into Flappy Bird status in the TTLB Ecosystem.

The money will come rolling in any minute, I'm sure. (crickets chirping)

Hmm, birds eat crickets . . .

Medary moves up

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Medary.com has achieved the not-quite-so-lame-as-before Lowly Insect status in the TTLB Ecosystem.

So, there's some small success to be had getting up far too early in the morning, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and digging through RSS feeds.

Must blog more! Get link count up! (What's that, Snookums? I need to go pick up the dog poop in the back yard? Well, OK . . . )

Tightening Down Medary.com

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Due to some recent annoyances with spammers posting in the comment areas of some articles, I've now required users to log in to post.

Getting a login id is easy...just click on the New User link on the left side of the page.

Using the login id is easier. If you've got cookies turned on, your id/password should automatically fill the spaces, and you just hit the login button. (Some browsers make you type in your id before populating your password--sorry about that.)

Light posting

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Snookums and I are wandering the American Outback of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska, so posting volume is down a bit.

Medary.com Has Achieved "Wiggly Worm" Status!

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According to the Truth Laid Bear blog tracking site, Medary.com has blown through the "Insignificant Microbe" and "Multicellular Microorganism" levels to achieve a somewhat more prestigious "Wiggly Worm" ranking.

At Medary.com, we're always evolving to better serve your needs (sorry, Kansas).

Actually, as far as I can tell, a lot of the ranking is sheer longevity. Oh, well . . . I live, therefore I post.

Medary.com Usage Note

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Regular readers (both of them) may have noticed that we have begun putting information in the "body text" of the article.

What this means is that we'll try to write teaser paragraphs which will show up on the main page. If you want to see the rest of the article, you'll need to "click through" to the article by clicking on the title of the article.

Sneaky, yes, but it's all about driving up the hit count, you know? So, do us a favor and click through to the full articles. We know you'll enjoy them! Really, you will!

Movin' On Up

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We barreled through the 100-visit-per-day mark in May, with 136 average visits per day in the month. Our growth curve is quite satisfactory, especially considering we haven't really gone too far out of our way to do any kind of promotion, cross-linking, trackback, or any of the other tricks of the blogging trade to get us out and noticed in the Blogosphere.

Here's the average daily unique visits per day since this iteration of Medary.com went on line in February:
May 2005, 136 hits per day;
Apr 2005, 75 hits per day;
Mar 2005, 62 hits per day;
Feb 2005, 39 hits per day.

Thanks, everyone. Tell your friends! Send us your feedback, let us know what you want to see more of (or less of). Or, JOIN US!!!!!! - - - sign in and post your own articles...it's really pretty easy.

How to sign in and post articles coming soon, in a followup article.

Google Ads (to the left)

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I see Google has rolled out their image ads in their Adsense program (which Medary.com is enrolled in as a "publisher". Look over to the left side of Medary.com pages and you should see context-sensitive ads, now including image (picture) ads as well as text ads.

Of course, the first one I see is a hate-GWB ad, so I had to go out to the Google site and tell them that I choose not to promote that particular advertiser. Sigh.

Anyway, hopefully this whole ad thing will continue to be refined, and you'll occasionally see something over there that piques your interest.