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A Hooley! I wants a hooley!

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"Anger is uneasiness or discomposure of the mind upon the receipt of any injury, with a present purpose of revenge."  -- John Locke, "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding"

"The insolence and brutality of anger, in the same manner, when we indulge its fury without check or restraint, is, of all objects, the most detestable. But we admire that noble and generous resentment which governs its pursuit of the greatest injuries, not by the rage which they are apt to excite in the breast of the sufferer, but by the indignation which they naturally call forth in that of the impartial spectator; which allows no word, no gesture, to escape it beyond what this more equitable sentiment would dictate; which never, even in thought, attempts any greater vengeance, nor desires to inflict any greater punishment, than what every indifferent person would rejoice to see executed." -- Adam Smith, "The Theory of Moral Sentiments"

Listening to Mr. Locke and Mr. Smith, and observing the theory that "living well is the best revenge," I dispense with my anger regarding the 2015 Hugo debacle.  (wipes hands, makes throwing-away motion a la countless people in the Honor Harrington novels.)

The Puppies have kicked off Sad Puppies 4:  The Embiggening (The Bitches Are Back).  It's fascinating, isn't it, how a movement with the basic tenet of "read what you like, nominate what you really, really like" draws so much vitriol and spittle-flecked hatred, isn't it?

Well, you just can't please some people.  But like they say, haters gotta hate.

Anyway, I'm taking the sour grapes of the haters and making lemonade and other fruit-based drinks, and beginning to organize a get-together of like-minded Huns and Morons, somewhere in or around Kansas City, somewhen in the August 16-21 time frame.

This hooley is tentatively known as the KCHunMoMee:  The Kansas City Hun/Moron Meetup.

It'll likely be in a restaurant, tavern, or public house, somewhere in the KC metro area, details to be worked out.  Who knows, we might wind up in or near a gun range.

Specifically invited are Huns from Sarah Hoyt's According to Hoyt site and SF-tolerant Morons from Ace of Spades HQ.  Others of like Oddness or moronity (and if so, why aren't you on AtH or the HQ already?) will likewise be welcome.

Bring your own carp.  Crossbow and longbow enthusiasts will be asked to unstring their weapons before entering.

I have set up an electronic messaging thingie for communicating about this festive event.  It is: Huns and Morons at-sign gmail.

Oh.  Yeah.  Dot.com.

Put that address together, discard extraneous spaces, punctuation and obfuscating wordage, and pop me a note if you are interested.