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The long climb, the sudden fall

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You've noticed that posting has been . . . sporadic here? Yeah, about that . . . what's to say, really? The entire world is spiraling out of control, out of sanity, descending back into the dark pit of human excess. The deep, dark pit from which the long climb of rationality had, from ancient Greece through the best traditions of Christianity, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the American Experiment, for a shining moment, lifted the human race to a better place.

It has saddened me beyond words to realized that most people have looked at that better place and said "No, thank you, we prefer the dank darkness of the pit."

We have a President who truly believes that "because I said so" is a valid governing principle.

We have a media whose fondest wish is to be thought kindly of by that President, and so has absolutely no interest in investigating any of his administration's transgressions and illegalities.

We have an opposition party whose fondest wish is not to oppose that President, but to be thought kindly of by that media.

We have paid shills among us who try their damnedest to shout down anyone who says an untoward word about the President.

We have fellows among us who mindlessly mouth the bromides of the paid shills because that is all they've ever heard, and take visceral offense at any person who dares to utter an "offensive" thought in their presence. And they find nearly everything offensive, and attack the "offender" in the most vicious manner they think they can get away with.

The climb was long. The fall has been sudden. It seems that the only hope now is that we don't fall all the way down to the bottom.