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The current question, vis-a-vis Ferguson, is: Who killed Deandre Joshua?
"I'm still stunned because he never had any problems. He was a good kid," relative Brian Joshua, 45 said, as other family members sobbed. "It's like somebody just hit us with a brick."

DeAndre Joshua graduated from high school and worked at Walmart, he said.

Walmart said Joshua had worked at Walmart as a stocker for more than a year.

"We are deeply saddened to learn the news that one of our Walmart family members tragically lost his life," Dacona Smith, senior vice president for operations at Walmart, said.

And the corollary question: Why is the death of Deandre Joshua not as worthy of outrage to the "progressive" media, let alone our disastrous President or his allied mob of racist/Marxist/anarchist/progressive protesters there as the death of Michael Brown?

I fear the answer can be found in a deep and unreasoning racism. And not the racism of white people, either.