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You know we have a BIG problem when . . .

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You know that there is a huge problem in the United States when the Chancellor of Germany plans to discuss the NSA eavesdropping scandal with Obama when they next meet.

A question for Democrats and other Obama partisans: what--exactly--could Obama and his Administration possibly do which would cause you to seriously reconsider your support for him, and them?

If you can't answer that question honestly to yourself (or worse, if your answer is "nothing," then you are a danger to other people's freedom and liberty, and you should not be surprised if other people begin treating you as such.

If you do have an honest, principled answer to that question, then take a good, long look at what Obama and his Administration have already done. Chances are that they have already crossed your line--it's just that they've victimized people you don't have any respect for anyway.

What then does that say about your fundamental sense of fairness? Of your sense of humanity itself?