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Wait! I was told vote fraud was not a problem!

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Poll worker convicted of voting fraud.

Guess which Presidential candidate got illegal votes cast on his behalf? Just guess. One guess.

How many more Melowese Richardsons are out there? Two others have been convicted in her county alone, and three more are yet to stand trial. How many counties did this election-stealing occur? Why do the overwhelming majority of these cases involve illegal votes for one party, and not the other?

How many illegitimate votes were cast how many votes for candidates of that party? Hundreds? Certainly. Thousands? Likely. Tens of thousands? Probably. Enough to steal elections? Well, why would people be doing this, except to steal elections illegally that they could not otherwise win?

And oh, by the way, during that same election cycle where the demonstrated vote fraud was occurring, the IRS and the entire weight of the federal government was working overtime suppressing its political opponents.

No. No conspiracy here. That's crazy talk.

Hat tip The Blaze.