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I'm starting a new blog-Gemütlich Blog

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It's Gemütlich Blog. It's gemütlich because . . . well . . . go here and read about gemütlichkeit.

Medary isn't very gemütlich. I've (rather on purpose) made it pretty difficult to comment on my articles here. That's not gemütlich at all. Plus things here at Medary tend towards the serious, the political, and honestly goes off a bit too often for my comfort on some serious anger about politics and the really, really stupid things done by the really, really stupid people who think they know how to run the world.

See? Serious.

I don't wanna be serious, but Medary is a serious place. It can't help it, I think.

And so, we have Gemütlich Blog.

Medary will still be here, a repository for my serious side, my rants about things worth ranting about, and all the fun stuff that makes blogging so bloggy for blog bloggers. But Gemütlich Blog is intended to be more fun, warmer, nicer, more welcoming, and all that stuff.

We'll see how it goes.