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The Whip, April 15, 2011

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I got some anger to work out here. Sorry about this, but somebody's gotta say it.

Obama’s charity state
Democrats refuse to peer down the road and see the damage they are doing. While accusing Republicans of somehow taking something from others, Democrats have no qualms about stealing from future generations that have only the Republicans looking out for them before they even arrive.

Readers may have noticed a recent change in tone, here. Because Obama's speech this week pretty much flipped a switch for me. He's a dangerous demagogue. He is a son of a bitch. He is a bastard--quite possibly literally a bastard. He needs to be politically defeated and thwarted at every turn up to and including the 2012 election. Otherwise our children and their children and their children will be paying for our failure in the next year and a half to realize that Obama and the Democrats don't give a damn about anything other than arrogating to themselves raw, naked political power to control every single God-damn part of your life. And you will either see that, or you're a fool, or you're a dangerous psychopath who probably is not only voting Democrat but donating and/or working for the bastards. I'm done arguing about it. He needs to go. And if you disagree, you need to go, too.

This doesn't mean that the Republicans are "all that." They're not. They're Democrat-Lite. They're better than the Democrats in the same sense that having both of your legs broken is better than having them chopped off. With the one, you'll probably be able to walk again on your own two feet, once you heal from the injury. With the other, you won't, unless you get two artificial legs. And the Democrats intend to have the government provide you with both artificial legs and tell you when you can and can't use them.

So, the Republicans just want to break your legs, then sell you the wheelchair and crutches. The Democrats want to chop your legs off at the knees and then "compassionately" help you as you flop around, begging for help--and maybe, maybe, if you're very, very good generously provide you some artificial legs--if you conform to their bizarre notions of "social justice."

Which do you prefer?

Neither? You'd rather have them just leave your legs alone in the first place?

Welcome to the Tea Party. CLASSICAL LIBERALISM
The Megabus Effect: A Great Success Story of Low-Cost, Convenient, Market-Based Bus Travel Without Government Subsidies or Tax Breaks

‘No Poor Man Ever Gave Me a Job’ -- They used to say "don't criticize farmers with your mouth full." Well, don't criticize rich people with money in your pocket, or clothes on your back, or a roof over your head. Because their industry created the wealth represented by the money, they provided the jobs which not only paid for those clothes and that roof, but they also built the industries that made those clothes and built that roof.

Anyone who enviously attacks the rich is a fool. His or her time would be better spent trying to become rich. Or at least, helping somebody else become rich, and attaching his/her fate to that rising star, to help it rise as fast and as high as possible.

Taxing the rich is exactly like taking the hammer and saw out of the hands of the carpenter, while at the same time demanding that he build an addition to your house. Wealth is the tool that people--both the wealthy and people who want to be--use to create more wealth and jobs and products and services that people want and need.

If you take wealth away from people who create wealth, you have less wealth created. Democrats and "progressives" argue with this. They are idiots. Dangerous idiots.

The Myth of Japan's Lost Decades

If You Like Eating What You Want, Check Out "Keep Food Legal"

Rand Paul Defends Tea Party on Sen. Floor: I Dare You to Come to a Rally

THE OBAMA DISASTER featuring but not limited to Obamacare, Keynesian economics, and other relics of 19th Century "Progressivism"
More Obama Punting To A Commission: Medicare Board Is Supposed To Do All The Rationing and Death Paneling He Won't Propose As Law -- Obama and the Democrats advocate a brutal, heartless, and yes--evil--solution to providing health care. Too harsh? Really?
What is worse? Telling someone honestly, upfront, that they'll be expected to pay the first $5000 of their health care costs, but beyond that, we'll pick up every dime, or lying to someone, telling them Daddy Government Got Dey Healthcare squared away, paying for minor shit that people really should be paying for themselves, but then, when they're old and desperately sick, having death panelists step in and say "Too expensive; you've lived long enough. We're pulling the plug. Here, here's some advil and codeine. God Speed you on your way."

That last part is a nasty surprise. But Obama prefers that scheme, because the people alive and voting are getting paid by the government and hence will vote for him, whereas the people death-paneled out of existence aren't going to be voting.

5 Things That Will Happen To You When America Goes Bankrupt -- Which, by their policies, is exactly what Obama and the Democrats want.

GOP Leadership Betrays The Base -- The GOP in the House needs to stand up and say NO MORE. STOP. NOW. Being politicians, and weasels, they of course will not.

About Those Medicare Savings -- Obama lied. Again. Those "savings" are absolutely nonexistent. Not me saying it. The Congressional Budget Office saying it.

All Senate Dems, including Manchin, vote to protect Obamacare funding -- The reality is that they don't give a damn about your health care. They only care about keeping, and increasing their power over you. And if you're willing to keep letting them do it, well, then . . .

ObamaCare and the Ryan Plan: One and the Same?

Republicans will make US 'Third World' nation: Obama -- Obama is delusional. Dangerous. A Demagogue. A Democrat. He lies--constantly. If you're a Democrat, do you have the simple human decency to be embarrassed?

Obama's Deficit Speech: Nothing But Waste, Fraud, and Abuse -- A waste of time, a fraud giving fraudulent statements, featuring torture and abuse of the English language . . .

Obama kicks budget can down the road

Princelings and the goon state: The rise and rise of the princelings, the country’s revolutionary aristocracy

Gales Of Creative Instruction -- Disintermediation. Look it up. It's what the Internet does. It's why the current education industry will go the route of the news media: i.e. a near-terminal decline followed by a radical re-configuration to eliminate the middlemen/women.

I told my Facebook friends I submitted a 206-page PhD thesis, and all I got was this lousy thread

Colorado Regents Vote to Shutter Boulder Journalism School

Conventional Education Will Go the Way of Farming

Sarah Palin will appear at the Madison Tea Party rally this Saturday. -- This should be interesting . . .

Ocean cold/warm water fronts mix CO2 much more than previously thought

Movement to Move ‘Red Eye’ to Earlier Time Slot Picks Up Steam -- An antidote. If you're a news junkie and are not watching FNC's "RedEye" you're not fully informed, and therefore you're worse than Hitler.

Olbermann says S.E. Cupp demonstrates the ‘necessity’ of Planned Parenthood

Baseball leans toward extra replay for 2012

Rain holds off long enough for Royals to beat Mariners 5-1 in 7˝ innings

Royals notebook: Wood enjoys about-face

Phone home: not! -- I thought it was just me . . .

Personal Brewery Is All-In-One Beer Factory

Scenes from Post-Soviet Russia

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An Overview of International Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2010

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