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The Whip, April 8, 2011

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The Whip returns, as basketball season has ended (well, college basketball season, which is the only one that really matters now isn't it?) and things are--for a little while--beginning to settle down a bit. So, let's get started:

How to Eliminate Social Security and Medicare -- There are ways out of the mess we've made. All that's needed is the fortitude to do what must be done--what will be done, one way or another. We can do it the hard way, or we can do it the easy way. Waiting is the hard way. Doing it now and taking the hits and pain that will come is actually the easy way. Think about that for a while. You know it's true. DEMOCRAT/"PROGRESSIVE" VOTE FRAUD, CORRUPTION, ABUSE, AND INTIMIDATION
Or: "The appearance of corruption is in itself corruption."

Wisconsin DOJ Open Meetings Expert Secretly Gave Advice To Fleeing Dem Senators

The GOP, Democrats and why Taxpayer funded planned parenthood & NPR matters

Facebook event: Let's dump trash at Boehner's pad

What Althouse saw -- Personally, I think that Wisconsin county official purposefully withheld those returns in order to smoke out the usual Wisconsin Democrat vote-stuffing, and then trump it with real honest votes. Well-played, I say.

Maxine Waters, your scandal is showing

THE OBAMA DISASTER featuring but not limited to Obamacare, Keynesian economics, and other relics of 19th Century "Progressivism"
US Going Same Route as Greece, Portugal: Economist

The Attack of the Cash Register

The People's Budget -- The main takeaway:
"if you want to get the budget under control without meaningfully cutting into entitlements, you're going to need to hike taxes substantially on the middle class. I'm waiting for the first politician to say this out loud."
This in reference to the following:

What liberal deficit reduction would look like -- One word: Taxes. Another word: MORE.

Shutdown Upside: Planes Falling From Skies, Earth Prey to Alien Invasion, Cats Marrying Dogs or, Howard Gleckman (Yes, That Howard Gleckman!) Oughta Get Out More! -- Government shutdown! Aieeee!

The Case for Frugality -- How many times have you been told: "Moderation in all things?" Turns out to be just as correct in financial matters as in anything else.

The Anticapitalistic Bias of American Intellectuals -- It's deep, and obvious to anyone who actually sits down and listens to almost any "intellectual" for more than 30 seconds. It stems from the natural, arrogant belief of smart people that they know better than you how you should run your life. They are, of course, wrong, but that has never in human history stopped them from trying.

DOOM!...and other discontents -- If you're not reading Ace of Spades HQ, you should be. Funny AND informative. And delightfully grotesque cat pictures. DOOM!

Ivory Coast: UN air strikes show West's new appetite for military action -- Is the UN making the world more dangerous?

Gen.: U.S. troops not ideal, but may be considered in Libya -- Why US troops? Why not German troops? Why not French troops? Why not British troops? Oh, yeah, they don't have any. We're paying for their defense. Or, in this case, their neo-colonial war.

Freedom of Information? Fifteen Months Waiting for Four Blank Pages -- "If it looks like corruption, then it is corruption."

Breaking down the Royalsí hot start

Royals notebook | Appier voted into clubís Hall of Fame

http://www.mitchellrepublic.com/event/article/id/51620/group/homepage/ -- Mitchell sophomore verbals to South Dakota State.

Missouri changing high school football playoff format

Escobar relishes highlights at shortstop

Spring football update 4/8 -- South Dakota State football update.

(A lot of links here. I decided to go back and catch up, for my own future reference.
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Some Further Notes on Libertarian Science Fiction

Come and see the violence inherent in the system!

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NOMINEES: 2011 Prometheus Award

Revisions: your story isn't you

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Worlds Apart

The Two Tolkiens

You canít be a fan of SF and lament the rise of ebooks

Liking science fiction and fantasy makes you a genius

From New Wave to SciFi Strange

The Better Mash-Up: An Exoneration of a New Literary Genre - Part I

Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop: Orienting by marking insiders vs. outsiders

The 10 Most Awesome Non-Human Discworld Characters

Doctor Who: Season 6New Season Coming This Spring -- Auto-playing video . . . be warned . . .

Your Better Half: What Happens When One POV is Better?