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The Whip

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This stuff has been collecting for a while. So, a Whip link-dump:

First, Civility Watch:
Obama Explains Why Some People Hate Sarah Palin -- He was, of course, talking about himself, but he blunders into the truth nevertheless . . .
Tabitha Hale talks about being assaulted by a hostile union goon
'Take 'Em Down': Would Saul Alinsky approve of the SEIU's new anthem?
Labor brute force rules
Networks Skip Democratic Congressman's Call for Union Protesters to 'Get a Little Bloody' And now, presenting: The Koch Konspiracy:
No Retreat, No Surrender
Koch Executives Speak Out on Wisconsin
No Word From Eric Lipton
Koch Industries, Inc.
Koch Industries, Inc: The Five Dimensions of Market Based Management
We Now Interrupt This Two-Minute Hate to Bring You an Urgent Message from Emmanuel Goldstein, A.K.A. Charles Koch -- which features this gem: "Do people still read books like Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's Illuminatus!? They're satires and parodies, folks, not exposes."

And now, in no special order, the rest of the rest:
The King’s Speech
Grade Inflation: The more we spend on higher education, the more we spend on higher education.
The Squeezing of the Middle Class
A Reverse Piven Strategy?
The Westerlies Explain The Recent Extreme Winter Weather, Not “Global Warming”
Social Scientist Sees Bias Within
Sun exposure, vitamin D linked to MS risk: study -- Or: A Lesson from Reuters in How Not To Write A Headline
Delta Rolls out Premium Economy on Long Haul Flights
Satellites Capture Astonishing Images of World’s Largest Slums
Centenary ends nation’s longest losing streak
Out of Money
Where are the carriers?
We need to pick our battles.
Thucydides Hates “Realists”
Left-wing legal group snookers Ezra Klein on Voter ID
Wisconsin Unions vs. The Tea Party: A Classic Double Standard
The Non-Defense of DOMA
Why the GOP shouldn't fear a government shutdown
American doles out frequent-flier miles on Facebook
The day of the killed tomatoes
The Boomers’ Black Swan Song
Waiting For Reagan
PJ Tatler Exclusive: Was the U.S. a victim of an economic 9/11 in 2008?
Cramer: Feels Like Financial Terrorism
Distribution of Tax Burden by Quintile
Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway
The Vanity of the Intellectual
Hundreds Of Billions In Waste And Duplication Found In Federal Budget The Democrats Swear Can't Be Touched Without Killing People Or Something