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The Whip

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While the spoiled children in Wisconsin and their union/Democrat enablers continue their temper tantrum over actually being asked to pay for a portion of their retirement and medical care (horrors!), putting up to 12 thousand Wisconsin state employees' jobs at risk, you may have missed a few other happenings:

Iran is sending ships through the Suez Canal to further menace Israel.

Meanwhile, high speed rail will SOLVE ALL OUR PROBLEMS!! (Oops, sorry, no, it won't. It's a silly-ass idea. Works in Japan. Won't work in the USA.)

(Economic) bubbles are bursting around the world . . . has our golden age ended? Only if we do not change-- and I'm not referring to the Soros/Obama-cling-bitterly-to-Nineteenth-century-"progressive"-collectivist/statist-public-policy-solutions kind of "change."

And yes, unions ARE thuggish organizations. They really can't help it. It's what they are. Their primary weapon is intimidation. When that fails, they start the violence.

Fire ‘em all and institute vouchers. Sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Wisconsin doctors sacrificing their careers to keep spoiled children spoiled.

On a rare cheery note, Nathan Fillion wants to buy Firefly.

The price of oil is going up. The price of everything is going up. Have you noticed?

A good question: After Wisconsin, how do Democrats argue against a GOP government shutdown? Glenn Reynolds replies: ""shamelessly" would be my guess." Yeah. That word should be a part of the official name of the Democratic Party--er--the Shameless Democratic Party.

Depressed yet? No? Then you don't understand what's going on. Sigh.