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A week Whip

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Oh, yes, the Whip has been on the shelf for quite a while, hasn't it? Well, don't expect a lot of regular whippage, but this is the stuff that accumulated in my browser's tabs over about the past week:

What We Believe: A Primer, Part 1. Well worth ten minutes of your time, especially if you think "teabaggers" are wacko raaaaacists:
An Ethics Meltdown at the Justice Department -- Harper's Magazine. One more thing the Tea Party movement will need to clean up.

-- From Richard Fernandez' "Belmont Club," featuring this horrifying video from the BBC:

Doomsday Clocks: Are We Heading for Another Great Depression? -- And, a horrifying chart via The Blaze . . .

How Big Is The Coming Political Tsunami? -- from Rand Simburg's "Transterrestrial Musings"

Terror warnings: Be specific or be quiet -- Washington Post's Anne Applebaum states the obvious about the moronic "terror alert" issued last weekend for Europe . . .

2011's Uncharted Political Waters -- Tony Blankley at Real Clear Politics

Taxes and Presidential Math -- Wherein Veronique de Rugy attempts to school our economically illiterate President on tax cuts . . . featuring this entertaining chart:

‘Dishonest’ and ‘Morally Bankrupt’: ‘Whale Wars’ Captain Alleges Lies and Cover-Ups -- via The Blaze, discord in Sea Shepherd-land . . .

Obama plans to be out of the country for 12 days following midterm election -- from the Washington Examiner

Anatomy of the Obama Meltdown -- Victor Davis Hanson at National Review Online

Democrat Dirty Tricks: A Primer on Stealing Elections -- Ed Lasky at American Thinker

Who is the Republican Party? The Denver GOP Has the Answer -- RAAAAACISTS!!! Sexist, homophobe violent gun-toting bitter clingers! Teabaggers! Dangerous! Evil! Run! Flee for your lives! REPUBLICANS!!!!!! AIEEEEE!!!!!!

INTERESTING: New York Times no longer referring to “Obama’s first term” , and . . .

Republicans should give Chicago Democrats nightmares by running on a campaign to enact a “forensic audit” of City Hall for the last 20 years -- from those wacky Chicago Hillbuzz guys . . .

SF Fanatic: The New SF/F TV Shows Are Crap -- Yeah, I've noticed . . .

Republicans See a Political Motive in I.R.S. Audits -- in the New York Times, believe it or not.

Obama will not sign foreclosure-friendly bill -- This is, I think, "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while" sort of news . . . of course, comparing Obama at this point to blind squirrels may be an injustice to sightless rodents . . .

Scratched glasses give perfect vision for any eyesight -- Hey, maybe this would help the sightless rodent situation . . .

Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery -- The Bees Know . . .

Casting Call: Obama's MTV Open Town Hall -- The Democrats aren't even bothering to hide the fact that their whole act is, in fact, an act. Staged. Not real. They're auditioning actors to play the part of "citizens" for an Obama town hall meeting. Pathetic.

The Cost Of Moslem Intolerance

The Paul Gauguin -- Carl's on a cruise . . .

Happy Couples Are On the Same Page - Literally -- from Yahoo News

Mao and Later: How Markets Benefit Well-Being -- The price of collectivism, in dollars. This doesn't take into account the lives wasted or destroyed by well-intentioned authoritarianism. Nobody starts out wanting to be a monster. It just sorta happens. Over and over and over again, throughout history. At some point, you'd think we would learn.
Data from Brad DeLong, via Reason Hit and Run

PRESS MAN: The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics -- Andrew Ferguson in Commentary Magazine

Another awesome George W. Bush story you probably have never heard that makes me hate myself for ever saying anything bad about this man. -- More from HillBuzz . . .

To Obama's Chagrin, Young Voters Get Serious -- Jonah Goldberg at Townhall

Federal Judge: ObamaCare Is Constitutional; Commerce Clause Gives Government Power Over All Economic Decisions and Not Merely Economic Activity -- at Ace of Spades HQ. This sort of thing used to be called an "Intolerable Act," I think.

The Constitutional Oath -- But if you don't think the Constitution means anything, then your oath doesn't really mean anything either, now does it?

Surprise: Ethics Trials for Waters and Rangel Won't Start Until After Nov 2 -- Maybe the Republicans can manage to hold these off until the next Congress comes into session. Wouldn't THAT be fun?

Atlas Shrugged, Hayek Wept -- One fundamental thing that leftists don't understand is that people on the right actually do understand people on the left, whereas people on the left are utterly mystified, bewildered, and terrified by people on the right, because they do not understand why the right believes what it does and why it behaves the way it does.

You Are Required To Buy A Musket -- If one federal judge can decide that you are required to buy health insurance, why can't another decide that you're required to buy a gun? Or a pony?

Fed Officials Mull Inflation as a Fix -- Bend Over, America. Here it comes . . . the people who are "supposed" to know what they're doing don't have a clue. They're repeating ALL of the worst mistakes of the past, while telling us all thwe while that this time it will be different, because, you know, they are smarter. Yeah. Right. Bend over. It's coming.

Stargate Universe: Likes, Dislikes, Dos and Don'ts

‘You’re a Liar’: Student Who Heckled Obama Gets Roughed Up -- Because people on the left are so tolerant of diversity don't you know . . .

Progressive Feudalism -- Thomas Lifeson at American Thinker. I've been calling the society that the Democrats and the "progressives" have been working towards a kind of feudalism for some time now. And guess who's the lords of the manor? Here's a hint: Not You. Guess who's the serfs? Go look in a mirror. Bend Over, America, it's coming.

Uh, Wee Problem Here On Grains..... -- The economic illiterates in charge of this country are playing with fire. Weimar Republic-style fire. Watch commodity prices, especially food. Bend Over, America, It's Coming.

OK. We need a humor break:

Oh, we are so screwed. But, onward!

The Colbert Democrats -- Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post. Did I mention We Are So Screwed?

Which Obama Will Emerge After the Storm? David Paul Kuhn at Real Clear Politics. My strong preference would be the Obama that would emerge, see his shadow and become frightened, then go back underground for two more years and leave the rest of us the hell alone. Probably won't happen, though.

Revenge of the Hillary Voters --Rich Lowry at Real Clear Politics, engendering this further commentary from Kevin Dujan at HillBuzz: The Revenge of the Hillary Voters . Dujan, being one of the aforementioned Hillary Voters, speaks with some authority on the topic.

BUSTED! Video Documents Role of Democrat Consultant Neal Rauhauser in Smear Campaign Against Tea Party -- Gosh. Democrats doing sleazy, nasty, unethical, obscene things to win elections. Golly, Wally, that NEVER happens.

The Elitist Individualism of H.L. Mencken -- A mental palate-cleanser after the filth of the previous article.

Less Government, Less Economic Trouble -- Robert Higgs in an article originally printed in the Christian Science Monitor

If 2010 is an "anti-incumbent" election, how can it be that 80 percent of the incumbents will be re-elected? -- Mark Tapscott asks at the Washington Examiner . . .

This Stock Market Rally Has Everything To Do With The Turn Against Obama -- Actually, I personally think it has more to do with the Fed continuing to artificially inflate the money supply, which is paradoxically keeping prices up because it's making the actual value of everything decline in dollar terms. That's what inflation is. That's why you need to watch commodity prices carefully. They're going to go up, I think. Way, way up. I think we're set up for double-digit inflation--at best, in the fairly near future. All of the "experts" will act like we're in a boom, but it will just be another bubble. And when that bubble bursts, the game will be over. So will the entire world's economy. The dark age will begin.

How radical is our "radical-in-chief" -- Paul Mirengoff at Power Line

Cool as Ice -- Robert Costa at National Review Online, writing about Joe Miller, the Alaska libertarian (small-L) Republican, trying to fight his way through the special interests and into the U.S. Senate

Why Inflation Matters

Economics for 11-Year-Olds -- Still possibly too arcane for Washington/elite/Ruling-Class people, unfortunately . . .

Over 52? Then you're probably grumpy -- This explains . . . something . . .