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I'm doing Twitter wrong

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More accurately, I'm not really doing Twitter at all. Oh, I'm there, I guess. But I'm kinda old fashioned. Give me a good ol' RSS reader and a handful of insightful blogs. Heck, I don't even have texting on my cell phone (you can tell I'm an old-timer, 'cause I still call it a "cell phone.")

Anyway, Stacy McCain is apparently doing it right.

Dan Collins has photographic evidence, of a sort (scroll to the end of the post, after absorbing all the appalling stuff he links about at the front end of the post).

(Yeah, I'm on The Facebook, too. No, I don't wanna post my Facebook page. Find it yourself. Yeah, call me anti-social-networking, assuming that's a real word. I'm on the Internet too much as it is.)