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The Whip, July 27, 2010

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I'm going to a new Whip format here for a while. Back to categories, with perhaps a lead comment/rant/editorial on things that really get me going. Today, that's nothing much. But, onward, to the Whip! LIBERTY
Congressman introduces resolution to protect citizens who videotape cops

Sherrod Story False

Argument By Graffiti

How Smart Are We?

Why "me first" in the market is different from "me first" in entitlements

The Two Great Classes in Contemporary America

Trotsky: The Ignorance and the Evil

The Unpresidential President: Barack Obama has managed a rare feat: The longer he holds office, the more he diminishes in stature.

GOP starting to worry about Angle’s campaign against Reid

The Afghan War Docs Leak: Who Benefits?

Harry the Hypocrite

Elton John: Artists Who Boycott Arizona Are ‘(Expletive) Twits’

Senator Kerry When Faced With Yacht Questions: "Can I Get Out of Here, Please?" -- Maybe he'd just like to be left alone to eat his waffle . . .

Enough Leftist Apologizing, Let the New Black Panther Party Attorneys Testify

Getting beyond racism through racial socialism

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, Thank God

Video: Paul Ryan’s argument with Matthews on spending goes pretty much how you’d expect

Shirley Sherrod: Cultural Marxism disguised as multiculturalism

Athwart History: A word from Roger Kimball

Stop the madness before it’s too late!

BIZARRE: “Experts” can’t find where the oil went in the Gulf. Did it just get Hope and Changed away?

Pawlenty: 2012 will come down to credibility and emotional connection

Why Governor Palin is a Superstar


Dems fear GOP oversight of Obama administration

GOP up 10 in Rasmussen Congressional ballot

Obama hits lowest quarterly approval rating yet in Gallup surveys

Another Obama supporter finds “disappointment”

JournoList Sinks Lower

Journolist Lite: How conservatives do it

Heroes of Journolist: Dan Froomkin, James Surowiecki, Jeffrey Toobin, Michael Tomasky — and founder Ezra Klein -- "Heroes" being a very, very, very relative term . . .

Journolist list scandal proves media bias

What is Mr. Times saying?

New home sales soar to …

Sioux Falls sales tax revenue up 6%

The Unlimited Power of Suppressing the Interest Rate

Should the Fed Pump Even More?

Turkey Going Nuclear – A Game Changer

Wikileaks' Afghanistan War Log vs. the Pentagon Papers

WikiLeaks and the New York Times

A burka ban would suck more than the burka -- I dunno . . . a burka in the middle of a nice hot Kansas City July afternoon would suck pretty bad . . .

Wikileaks comments on their political bias -- Of course, they don't think they have a bias. Where have we heard that before?

Is WikiLeaks a Blessing or Curse for Democracy? -- is democracy a blessing or a curse? Or, perhaps, both at the same time?

The Fermi Paradox, Phase Changes and Intergalactic Colonisation: A new model shows how the spread of ET civilisations can undergo phase changes, providing a deeper insights into the Fermi Paradox

9 "Harmless" Habits That Age You

New peer reviewed paper refutes claims of blizzards of last winter being driven by “global warming”

Fusion - A New Hope?

GISS Swiss Cheese -- Or, cherry-picking your data. Hmm . . . cherries and swiss cheese . . . hmm . . .

Segmentation Is the Secret Behind the Extraordinary Diversification of Animals

Step Changes in Science Blog Climate

Apple Updates iMacs With Intel’s i3, i5, i7 Processors

Ethics Questions Raised Over I-470 Repair Contract -- The Big Hole in Kansas City . . .

The Burden of the Smart Protagonist