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Friday/Weekend Whip, July 23, 2010

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This is gonna be a long one . . . stuff has been piling up . . .

‘JournoList’ E-mails Show Media Plotting to Kill Stories about Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Daily Caller -- Almost all national journalists for the "mainstream" media are lying to you. On purpose. With reasons they think are good and proper. But the fact remains that they daily--hourly lie to you, in order to advance what they think is the "correct agenda." After all, these people went into journalism to "make a difference in the world." If they have to lie and deceive in order to do it, well, the ends justify the means, don't they?

Video: “Same As It Ever Was”

And, if you're missing the parody, here's the original:

Yeah, it's weird. That's kinda the point.

"My God, what have I done?" Science Shows That Markets Make People Fairer

Refudiate -- What can you say? It's July. The Dog Days. The Silly Season.

Value Is Knowledge -- The worth of anything you happen to have is exactly, precisely what somebody else will freely pay you for it. Government only screws up the process:
The State is exceptionally poor at analyzing the true value of anything. The lens of ideology is filled with clouds of hatred, occasionally sundered by blinding flashes of righteousness. The actual value of health care and medical insurance was almost completely invisible to the architects of ObamaCare. The market is beginning to react as their legislation shudders and screeches to life… by canceling the health benefits of employees entirely, because it’s much cheaper to pay the ObamaCare fines. The Democrats will learn absolutely nothing from this. Their most likely response will be to slander these employers as heartless misers. The masterminds behind ObamaCare will quietly relish the collapse of the private health insurance industry, which was one of their primary objectives all along. No data will be transmitted into the government from this market disaster. Value will not become knowledge.

Spider-infested ship turned back from Guam landing -- Ick.

SDSU to play exhibitions next month in Canada: Men's basketball team has started practice; regular season begins Nov. 12

Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright -- Just the latest in the long, sorry history of "objective" journalists whoring themselves to a political agenda, all the while proclaiming that they have no biases--nope, none at all.

If you want to be a partisan, then be a partisan. Don't pretend to be objective or unbiased. Don't lie to us. That's really all we ask. Be as stupidly, myopically "progressive" as you want to be. Just don't lie to us about what you really are.

NAACP Statement on Resignation of Shirley Sherrod -- Something about stones and glass houses . . .

Southwest Restricts Unused Tickets, I’d Rather See a Change Fee

The Decline Of TV Network News Into Ignorance -- . . . and the body blows to the "profession" of journalism just keep coming. There's a reason why "journalist" rivals "politician" as one of the jobs held in deepest contempt by the American people . . .

Hoover's Dam Folly -- As a feat of engineering, the Hoover Dam is a marvel. As an economic and ecological force, it has been a near-complete disaster--and I think that most people who do not live in the American Southwest (and, perhaps, many who do) are maybe beginning to see this. This is one of the things that horrifies me when I visit Las Vegas. There really isn't supposed to be that much green in the middle of the desert. That water is supposed to be in the Colorado River, where it belongs. Harrumph.

CNN: Golly, why is Obama unpopular?

Morning Bell: White House Admits Obamacare’s Individual Mandate is a Tax

Another lefty journalist confesses he doesn’t know "who" Barack Obama is -- If journalistic malpractice was a criminal act, most political reporters in Washington and around the country would be behind bars today . . .

Risky Business: Mothers Against the Madness: Women help restore the America we’ve known and loved. -- The "mama grizzly" meme has legs. A wise person does not get between a mama grizzly and the future of her cubs. Democrats should ponder this thought as they watch their Congressional majorities evaporate this November. (I'll add, a wise husband knows that there are certain things, at certain times, when you simply do not argue with your wife. Mostly, it's a sense of self-preservation. Guys--smart ones--will recognize "yes, dear" moments for what they are, and act accordingly.)

Beeler: The party of No -- Amusing and trenchant political cartoon at the link . . .

Health care "reform": What if the individual mandate is unconstitutional?

Bobby Jindal’s Plan -- While Obama searches for asses to kick, Jindal tries to fix the problem and repair the damage. The contrast is striking.

IG report says Obama GM, Chrysler moves needlessly accelerated job losses -- Something of a re-post, but my question remains: Does Obama count these as jobs saved, or jobs created?

Does Government Spending Stimulate Economies? -- Did you know that academic studies show that tax cuts have a multiplier of 3--that is, a tax cut (TO THE RICH!!!!) of one dollar generates three dollars in economic activity. The best guess of economists for the multiplier due to stimulus spending is somewhere from 1 to 1.5. So, tell me again, my friends in the Democratic Party, how awfully terribly bad tax cuts are, when people are out there without jobs. Because if you really wanted to stimulate job growth, you'd be slashing taxes left and right, because that's where the "bang for the buck" is when you're talking about stimulating an economy.

barking back at authoritarian dogs

‘Go Back to Europe’? You Mean, Where They Speak Foreign Languages?

Please, No More Government Spending!

Natural Fake: Refudiate The Epantsipation Of The 57 States!

Does Obama Have a Pathological Need to Attack Republicans?

Journolist – conspiracy, colloboration and propaganda on the left

Breaking: Nevada To Press On With Criminal Prosecution of ACORN

Eric Cantor: The tea party’s better off as a grassroots movement, not a House caucus

Libertarian Influence
Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

Taking Photos In Public Places Is Not A Crime: Analysis
So what should you do if you're taking photos and a security guard or police officer approaches you and tells you to stop? First, be polite. Security people have tough jobs and probably mean well. Ask them what legal authority they have to make you stop. (If you're in a public place, like a street, a park, etc., they have none; if you're in a private place, such as a shopping mall, they may have a basis for banning pictures.) Krages advises those hassled by security guards to threaten to call law enforcement. If it's an actual police officer who's telling you to stop shooting, ask to speak to a superior. And remember--you never have a legal duty to delete pictures you've taken.

Chinese police beat official's wife by mistake

Race relations – oh, much better, you bet … -- Tribalism . . .

Class Warfare in America -- Tribalism . . .

Where Do Libertarians Belong Politically? Maybe nowhere -- "The perfect is the enemy of the good . . ."

ACORN Missouri Assaults Bank As President Obama Signs Bank Bailout Bill

Breitbart Didn’t Hide Sherrod’s Redemption and Other Things the Media’s Gotten Wrong So Far

American jihadi who threatened “South Park” creators arrested on terrorism charge

NAACP and the Tea Party: Last throes of the fear-and-smear machine?

The New Black Panther Party Evidence on Voter Intimidation

Media Bias? What Media Bias? BOMBSHELL!

SDSU places second for Division I GPA -- Smart women, good basketball players, what's not to like?

After Outcry From Its Members, NAACP Decides It Was "Snookered"; Beck Defends; Krauthammer Defends; So, Tentatively, Do I

NAACP and Glenn Beck agree: People rushed to judgment on Sherrod

Video: NAACP posts full Sherrod video

Frickin Laser Beams

The Vast Left-Wing Journalists' Conspiracy

The Tea Party: What's Its Role?

The Big Implosion of Big Breitbart's Big Story

Whistling Past The JournoList Graveyard

Why E-Books Are Winning

100 Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read

Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News

Q&A with SDSU strength and conditioning coach Nate Moe

Breitbart: It’s Not About Shirley Sherrod; It’s About NAACP Attacking Tea Party

NAACP: Breitbart 'snookered' us

RNC fails to report $7M in debt to FEC: Party treasurer faults Steele

United flight: 'If you didn't have your seatbelt on, you got hurt'

Context Is Everything. NAACP’s Jealous ‘Snookered’ Himself

True Libertarianism

Breitbart On Sherrod's NAACP Speech: 'I Did Not Edit This Thing'

Google takes the FTC to school

Obama Approval Drops To Lowest Point Ever, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Independent Voters Turn On President Since Honeymoon

The "elitism gap"

Journolist, Jeremiah Wright and Groucho Marx

Breaking: NAACP President Was In Attendance at Sherrod Speech (Video)

Ted White: Lee's Summit has Broken Their Promise

Excellent: Jindal rallies Louisianans to oppose the feds’ drilling moratorium

In protest, I quote your words!

One Of These Things Is Not Like the Other -- The "substitute just one word in the story with its opposite" strategy for detecting utter bullshit is always quite illuminating . . .

The National Republican Senatorial Committee Declares War on the Grassroots -- Actually, I think this is Palin declaring war on the NRSC . . . God help them . . .

Coordinated Attack on Governor Palin from the Media On the Day She Was Announced as McCain's VP Pick

Jurassic Farce
The fundamental weakness with President Obama’s theory of racial healing and social progress is that has assumed that America would always have the means to pay for its grand ambitions. With the arrow of redistribution flowing along racial lines from the relatively well-off whites to the latinos and blacks, ‘progressive politics’ in a depression may just be another word for “division and tension between black and white Americans”.

You have to wonder why Obama and the Democrats want to play with this particular fire.

When McCain picked Palin, liberal journalists coordinated the best line of attack

The shafting of Shirley Sherrod -- Self-inflicted wound, if wound it be . . . don't discriminate on the basis of race in the first place, and this never becomes an issue. Easy.

Palin is at the top of her party

Congress Ranks Last in Confidence in Institutions -- Our government is failing. Actually no, that's not correct. Our politicians are failing to properly run our government. Maybe they should start with actually reading and understanding that document that they swear that they will preserve, protect, and defend . . .

Another “Great Depression” or just a very slow recovery?

Mervyn Peake and the Great Individualist Novel

Suppose There Were Food Insurance -- Now, shouldn't this be "Suppose there WAS food insurance?" Was? Were? What? (OK, the article makes a pretty good health care insurance point, if you can get past the whole was/were issue . . .)

Dems Aren't Disclosing Early Polls -- Hmm . . .

Democrats Dissent on Bush Cuts -- Weird WSJ headline . . . thrust of the story is that two Dems have come out in favor of extending the tax cuts . . .

At Politico, Context and Facts Are Negotiable

Congressman: Sherrod’s Hiring Should Be Investigated -- The sound of a can of worms being opened . . .

Sarah Palin strikes back at Journolist’s ’sick puppies’

Terry Moran on 'Nightline' — 'A Kind of Victory for Breitbart'

The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy -- The left always--ALWAYS accuses the right of what they themselves, the left, are doing--or want to do: Being racist; creating vast conspiracies (*cough* JournoList *cough* the Soros-funded echo-machine of think tanks and media screechers *cough*); fomenting violence at Tea Party rallies; politicizing the Department of Justice; etc., etc., etc. . . the list just goes on and on and on.

Breitbart on Breitbart: Polarizing Blogger Speaks

Glenn Beck hilariously derides Keith Olbermann for special comment on Sherrod Story

Dan Riehl: Hey, Since We're In There's-No-Evidence-For-This-Charge-of-Racism Mode, How About Noting There Is Less Evidence for Tea Partiers' Racism?

In Defense of Andrew Breitbart

NBC Interviews Breitbart

CBS Video: Breitbart Stands Behind Sherrod Story

The Real Threat From Shirley Sherrod Is Economic

Obamacare Mandate Much Worse than a Tax

Democrats Abandon Sweeping Energy Plan

CNN: Facebook Apologizes for Deletion of Palin Post (Update: Far-Left Extremists Appear to Be Responsible for the Post Being Taken Down Initially) -- Wow, imagine my shock! Lefties trying to suppress the free speech of somebody they disagree with. I'm shocked! Shocked!

Breaking: House committee charges Rangel with multiple ethical violations -- Again, shocked! Shocked!

Beck on JournoList; Limbaugh and Gallagher on Palin -- More YouTubey goodness:

Sherrod Wants BigGovernment Shut Down, Thinks She Should Sue Breitbart -- I direct Ms. Sherrod's attention to: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." If you don't want to be called a racist, don't sound like a racist. It's not nearly so much fun when you're the one on the receiving end, is it, Ms. Sherrod?

Black racism: a real problem, or pure politics? -- If you accept (which I vehemently do not) that racism is only possible when one group has power over another . . . what is the race of the sitting President of the United States? The current Attorney General? If you want to go down that nonsensical road where personal prejudices against other races are only a problem when one group has power over another, then it makes no difference. In fact, as long as Obama is President, then blacks by the racism-power definition can indeed be racist.

It is time for the black community to face their own demons, the way that whites have for the past forty or fifty years, if not more.

A good start would be suspending the use of race as an excuse for every single little god-damned thing that's wrong in your lives.

Suck it up.


First came Climategate, now it’s JournoList; Who’s next for an email scandal? -- I've been telling people this for well over twenty years now: Don't send anything via e-mail that you don't want to see on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow. You would think that journalists--or in this case "journalists," of all people would know this. You would, apparently, be wrong.

Old & busted: ‘Liberal media bias? Get real!’ New hotness: ‘Well, of COURSE the media has a liberal bias. Don’t act so surprised, rube!’

Democrats Attack Small Business Owner for Speaking Out Against Obama’s Policies

Obama, cable chatter & liberal fury

Republicans need to show beef or they'll get the hoof

What I Learned From the Shirley Sherrod Case

Tenure: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

Obama's Lack of Faith: It's time to start trusting the American people

More problems at the RNC

The Independent Question

Royals trade Callaspo to Angels for two pitchers

Sherrod: Breitbart Wants Blacks to Be Slaves Again

From Buckley to Breitbart

How To Fix Common Mac Startup Problems [MacRx]

Sherrod Blasts Fox News as Racist

‘Cry Racism!’: The Art of Mis-Communication

“First They Call You A Whore…” -- The ongoing character assassination of South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley . . . just like the left tries to assassinate the character of all who stand against them.

Obamanomics 101: Failure Explained -- The stimulus failed to stimulate precisely because, at a fundamental level, Democrats do not understand economics . . .

Mandatory Nonsense

Amazom.com Switches Sides on Net Neutrality -- Government control (i.e. regulation) of the Internet's content--"Net Neutrality" is an epically bad idea . . . as Amazon has come to realize . . .

Why Are We Discussing Racism? -- Two reasons: 1: To distract people from the continuing economic problems that the Democrats have actively worked to prolong--whether or not that is their goal, that's the effect--and 2: To try to activate their lethargic, dispirited base for the 2010 elections. In other words, there's nothing noble about it--this is pure, cynical politics.

More Government Means Less Trust

Bachmann: Get ready for the subpoenas

"cry poverty while lavishing money on the beautiful people" -- Should any government be spending money on art--at any time? Ever?

Shirley Sherrod: Beneath The Headlines -- The recent evidence coming to light indicates that Sherrod has, sadly, not overcome her own racism . . .

Oh my: Palin 28, Romney 18, Gingrich 17, Huckabee 13

Wendy McElroy: Under "Cooperation" Act, Cops Can Punch You In the Face Whenever They Want

Typical: Obama's ambush on Pete Hoekstra in Michigan was coordinated with the media -- Strip away all of Obama's various facades and rationalizations, and what you have left is a simple thug.

Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege -- A sighting of the rare, almost extinct Moderate Democrat. Somebody invoke the Endangered Species Act . . . perhaps we should start some sort of captive breeding program, lest this relic of a bygone age vanish forever in the mists of extinction . . .

Considering Elizabeth Warren, the Scholar-- Warren is, apparently, to become the Czar Of All Consumers in the New Obama Regime . . .

Figures: Kerry Docks Luxury Yacht in RI to Avoid MA Taxes -- Somewhere else on the Internet, I forget where (Ace of Spades HQ, probably) somebody called this "slow-boating Kerry." Heh.

Obama era makes Clinton, Bush look better

Obama Journolist Operative Invited Other Journolistas to White House -- This is what corruption looks like.

Put Up or Shut Up, Ezra: Why Is JournoList Founder Klein Whining About Tucker Carlson?

Time to be bored with race -- Actually, time to point and laugh heartily at people who start throwing around the "racist" word for cynical political gain--which actually is just about everybody nowadays . .

Cruise Line Smoking Policies

Shirley Sherrod, behaving badly

How the New Cruise Safety Bill Affects You

DISCLOSE Act Assault on First Amendment Continues

Charlie Rangel: Hey, sorry for acting like a total jackass with Luke Russert