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Independence Whip, July 4, 2010

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Resolved: America Ought To Be Free!

Barack Obama Is Making Me Laugh
So I listened to his speech on immigration and chuckled as he lectured us, yet again, on what America is — as if he had a clue about what America is. His contempt for us is so palpable. As if he had any respect for what makes America great – free speech, individual rights, entrepreneurship, and privacy rights. As if he had a clue as to why legal immigrants come here — to escape tyrants and would-be tyrants like him.

Wile E. Obama, Genius.

Basic economic ignorance -- The left has talked themselves into believing that up is down, black is white, ignorance is strength, and foolishness is deep wisdom. They have detached themselves from reality and are floating freely in a delusion of their own creation.

More Anti-Christian Propaganda From ‘Law & Order’ -- Tired agitprop from aging leftist "creative geniuses." Illustrative of how the left has detached themselves from reality.

The Anti-Educational Effects of Public Schools -- Privatize all the "public" schools--including the universities. Abolish and make illegal andy and all government money transfers of any kind to any educational institution--subsidy, grant, salary, anything. Give every person--man, woman, child--an education voucher, the value of which is determined by the sum total of all "education" spending by government, divided by the number of legal inhabitants of the country. Put the money in named, numbered accounts for the exclusive use of the individual legal inhabitant.

Let people decide where--or if--to spend their money for education--and that education can be standard academic training, learning a trade or craft, or they can use it to fund another person's education, or fund research, if they choose not to use the money themselves.

We need to break out of the old ways of thinking. They are no longer adequate to the challenges of today. The old, 18th-century model of primary, secondary, and higher education is no longer serving us well. We need something new.

Let's invent it. So You Want to Commit Novel: #5 Muddle In The Middle

Executive Temperament: Principles Matter
What is needed is a repeal of Obamacare; what is needed is a paring back and even a gradual elimination of the welfare state; what is needed is a constitutional amendment banning unfunded and partially-funded mandates; what is needed is a withdrawal of the federal government from spheres (such as education) left by the Constitution to individuals and the states; what is needed is a reinvigoration of local and state governments; what is need is a new spirit in Washington.

What we are likely to get, however, if we do not watch out, is more of the same.

AGW Mathematics : -30 + 5 = 0 -- Which ends in a quote from my personal intellectual hero and role model:
“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts”
- Richard Feynman

Chicago Machine Is Afraid of a… Mom!

125K jobs lost in June, unemployment goes to 9.5%

What is the Tea Party? A growing state of mind -- This somehow got by the usual fact-editors and leftist spin-meisters and into print. I wonder how long it will last until it gets airbrushed or sent into the Memory Hole.

I think the Tea Party is best understood as an insurgency--against the ruling class in the Republican Party, against the general socialist drift of the nation since the late 1800's, against the creeping, encroaching, all-embracing nanny-state.

Voter enthusiasm higher for GOP voters

Could Obama Be More Unpopular? -- Oh, sure. Wile E. Obama has not hit the canyon bottom yet. He's still enjoying the whistling tune of the wind in his ears.

Obama: Economy still headed right direction -- See the wind, whistling in Wile E. Obama's ears. "We're headed in the right direction" he says. Genius.

"So Big Government policies are killing GE jobs that might thrive in the free market, while creating GE jobs that never would survive in a free market. Obama is replacing unsubsidized jobs with subsidized jobs." -- GENIUS! Convert jobs that don't cost taxpayers money, to jobs that DO cost taxpayers money. What could possibly go wrong?

Democrats’ 2010 Strategy: Attack, Attack, then Attack Some More -- So what else is new?

The Strategic Genius of Sarah Palin -- Meanwhile, that bumbling buffoon ignoramus Caribou Barbie of Wasilla somehow keeps stumbling from political success to political success. 'Tis a puzzlement, 'tis . . .

The IPCC consensus on climate change was phoney, says IPCC insider -- Careful observers have known this for quite some time. Lefties--fat, dumb and happy in their own fantasy world--may on the other hand find this fact somewhat inconvenient . . .

How to Make an American Job Before It's Too Late: Andy Grove -- I realize it's probably a bit of knuckledragging on my part, but I think the advice of a guy who founded Intel regarding how to create jobs is probably superior advice to a guy whose major achievement in life has been to have two "autobiographies" ghost-written for him.

Unemployment numbers “unexpectedly” rise again? Really? Unexpectedly? -- Only unexpected to the lefties, fat, dumb and happy in their own fantasy world. Let's call it Barackotopia?

Thugs From Jimmy Kimmel Show ‘Torture’ Pro-Life Activist With Hot Spotlight

Time to Go Global with Greater Economic Freedom

Hurricane GOP On The Way--Make no mistake about it: There is a wave out there, and for Democrats, the House is, at best, teetering on the edge.

Alligator takes late-night stroll through town -- in Germany.