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In The News: An Independence Whip, July 3, 2010

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Elena Kagan: Well, That Looks Like My Handwriting On That Memo, But Gee I Don't Know What You're Talking About -- And with this, I come to the point where I do not believe I would trust this woman to walk my dog, let alone be a justice of the Supreme Court . . .

Sen. Coburn: Kagan 'Ignorant' of Constitutional Principles; 'I Wouldn't Rule Out a Filibuster' -- Actually, the Republicans' actually going ahead, finding some cojones, and shutting Washington down for the rest of the year would probably set off an economic boom all by itself . . . Breitbart's big $100k

And, here's Glenn Reynolds' thoughts on the Breitbart bounty on the Journolist e-mails. -- As Tigerhawk notes, the Instapundit has an "impish" sense of humor . . .

The perfect as the enemy of the good

CBO: Deficit To Reach 62% This Year; But Don't Fear, It Will Stabilize At 67%

NRC Shuts Down Obama Administrationís Attempt to Close Yucca -- A victory of common sense over Obama-driven "progressive" political posturing?

Shock: Sotomayor Lied In Her Confirmation To Appease Republicans -- If true, wouldn't this constitute perjury?

Is It Constitutional? Well, It's Dumb, but That's Not the Same Thing. All Right Then.

Video: Tony LaRussa endorses Arizona immigration effort

IRS Fails Government Audit

Confirmed: Russian spies really, really dumb -- But what if (cue ominous music) these buffoons were not the real spies? (cue crescendo) . . .

Boehner Punk-slaps POTUS