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Afternoon Whip, June 16, 2010

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The Future of Journalism & Washington’s War on Advertising -- If you want a look at the near future, look at the Catholic Church's attempts to keep control of the "narrative" in the 1500's, when printing presses became widespread. Hint: do the words The Reformation mean anything to you? As the saying goes, "the bell can not be un-rung." The Conservative New Media are the New Protestants, rebelling against the catholic belief in "progressivism." And so, ironically, the "progressives" actually are the conservatives, now, and the "conservatives" are now the radicals--the liberals if you will. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Gulf - It Is Worse Than We Thought -- So, tell me again how drilling in ANWR or off the coast of California within sight of the beaches would be worse than this? At least in those places, there would be a better chance of controlling and containing any such disastrous oil leak.

We're not going to be able to snap our fingers and get off of dependency on hydrocarbons for energy in one decade, or even two. The avaliable alternatives (primarily nuclear fission, quite honestly) are inadequate. The proposed "renewable" options are not yet available, AND won't be adequate to meet any foreseeable global energy demand. We're going to burn a lot of oil, gas, and coal before we're able to transition off of them to something else.

That's the cold, hard, inalterable fact that Obama and his ilk absolutely, positively refuse to even concede. That just makes them unreasonable and irrational. None Dare Call Him Gasbag

Teenage boys really do eat a lot: study

Claim: Data in Error; No Evidence For Dark Matter or Dark Energy

Dems balking at spending demands from WH, leadership

Rush: Let me tell you about my new friend, Elton John

How the Minimum Wage kills jobs

An Iranian Radical Speaks the Truth

ESPN: North Korea’s World Cup fans are paid Chinese actors

Video: MSNBC hosts dump on Obama’s speech

Frank Luntz’s focus group rowdy over Obama’s oil spill address

Endaround: UN may order international probe of Israel’s flotilla raid despite U.S. veto

When The (Leg) Thrill Is Gone …

Olby, Matthews, Fineman Notice That Obama’s Rhetoric Is Kind of Nebulous

Opinion: Obama's Vision Deficit on Display

William Voegeli: The necessity of doubt

Obama’s disaster of a disaster speech

Playboy: Confessions of a Tea Party Consultant

Another Liberal Failure… Fannie & Freddie Ordered to Delist From NY Stock Exchange

Tea Party 2.0: The Block Captain Revolution (Part I)

Jon Stewart: "Your campaign was premised on reigning in presidential power. WHAT HAPPENED??"

Morning Bell: A Crisis of Competence

The latest "crisis" speech

"Day of Reckoning"

Songbirds Learn Their Songs During Sleep

Some People Do Not Taste Salt Like Others

Obama drops to 42% in Rasmussen poll

An intergenerational con game of Orwellian proportions

Orrin Hatch: Drug-test Welfare Recipients
The moral of the story here is not new, but bears repeating: If you are at all dependent on the state, whether by choice or force, and you don't have the good manners to be powerful, you will always stand the risk of being treated like a patient at a criminal asylum. It is as good a reason as any other to resist further encroachment of the government on our private lives.

Al Qaeda's Clown College -- You go to war with the clowns you have, not the clowns you wish you had . . .

BREAKING: ACORN Demanded And Won Changes To Preliminary ACORN Report That Whitewashes Wrongdoing -- Well? WELL?

Saving the Soil and Maintaining Corn Yields: Early Research Says Yes to Both

Climate Change Threatens Food Supply of 60 Million People in Asia

German Teen in Court for Drawing Rabbits on Blackboard

The "Special Interests" That Rarely Get Called as Such

American Airlines adds option to let fliers board early ... for a fee

Engineering analysis shows Packgen boom “superior”

How Reality TV Pollutes Our Minds